How to Get Up Easier and Boost your Energy!


Lara's puppy Chulo

How to Get Up Easier and Boost your Energy!

Even Chulo was feeling the time change this morning.
Its Monday again, AND we had to get up a whole hour earlier then last Monday!

In prep for this time change, I prepared a statement to say in my head during my snooze cycle this morning which really helped.

After pressing my snooze button, I crossed my arms and ankles ( this posture calms the central nervous system and helps re-train the brain to react differently to statements we don’t believe ), as I said,

” It is easy for me to get up and get out of the house this morning.”

“I have plenty of time to get out of the house with ease.”

Guess what!? I got up and out without a hitch this morning, then I did some lymph massage to get toxins moving out of my system and my energy up in the taxi on my way to my first client.

Having a much better day then expected!

So try this tomorrow morning during your snooze cycle and do the lymph massage video attached a couple times today.
It’s especially good after lunch or between 3-5pm.

Let us know what you think!
Free your mind,
Get those toxins out,
Your energy up,
And anything is possible!

Mucho Monday miracles to you!

Lymph Detox Massage for Yourself


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