A Great Thought and Exercise for Monday Blues


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A Great Thought and Exercise for Monday Blues

Ahhhhhhhh.  It’s Monday again, and as I often need some inspiration on Monday morning, I thought I would share this with you.

Two weekends ago, I was inspired again by Louise Hay, or Mama Hay as I like to call her, since You Can Heal Your Life was the book that really started my career journey back in high school. I had no idea that this book would be such a big influence on my life.

I did her affirmations from the book, and then stopped doing them, and then started doing them, but often found they made me feel uncomfortable, and there was NO WAY I could look at myself in the mirror and say, “ I love you!” Too weird.  So, I dropped the affirmations again, but I always referred back to the glossary of diseases, which listed the ailment and the emotional underlying cause. I really believed and believe that our thoughts have the power to heal our bodies and our lives.  I now know why!

Negative thoughts generally make us feel negative emotions, like anxiety, and if you are feeling anxious, fearful or angry your central nervous system is now in a state of fight or flight, or a Sympathetic Nervous response.  If you say an affirmation that your psyche doesn’t believe, you can throw your body into a fight or flight response too.  But, doing energy balancing exercises that chill out our central nervous systems as you say these phrases is AWESOME!  Let’s just say, I now can look at myself in the mirror and say, “I love you, you gorgeous thing you!” LOL!  It makes Louise Hay’s affirmations soooooooooo powerful!

So, a good energy exercise to do while walking is to keep your head straight forward while you look up to the left for about 10 steps and then up to the right for 10 steps.  As you walk exaggerate your arms swing so you are really doing a cross pattern, right arm forward while the left leg is forward and vice versa on the other side.

Louise Hay took it to a new level at Ignite-
Try saying this phrase in your head as you do this exercise-

“I take pleasure in living my life.”

Taking pleasure in my life is an upgraded thought for me. I mean, I can dread walking the dog in the morning, or I can enjoy being with him and take pleasure in his cuteness and being outside for a few minutes.

Try doing this exercise with this phrase on your walk to the bathroom or to lunch today, and see if you can recognize more of the pleasure in your life!

I totally enjoyed my Monday morning dog walk in the cold as a result, which is a small miracle!

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To pleasure and miracles!



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