A Quick, Easy, and Practical Stress Reducer that Helped Me Get Over Overwhelm!



A Quick, Easy, and Practical Stress Reducer that Helped Me Get Over Overwhelm!

Ahhhhh. It’s Monday again, and we are back to reality. After having a weekend reprieve, the list of things for which we are responsible could be piling up in our heads.

I was telling someone just this weekend how I learned so many amazing tools in B-School, this class I took from Marie Forleo, business coach. In the first lesson she talked about something I had heard before, but she gave reasoning that actually made me do it.

She had us simply make a list of all the things we wanted to accomplish for our business, and I was surprised how much resistance I had to doing it and just how much better I felt after I had completed the list.

After making that first list, I have continued to make many more, and I always find it stress reducing, just as Marie promised. It is so helpful to get everything I am thinking out of my head and down on paper, so I don’t have to continue to use brain power I could be using for something else remembering the stuff I just put on the list! I find it soooo freeing. I also love looking back at my old lists and recognizing just how much I have achieved on the list!

Marie gave us so many other tools too. If you have a business and want to know the best way to have a viable online presence and create products your customers love, this is an amazing course. The tools I learned have helped me dramatically. She makes what seemed like a huge endeavor easy with simple steps that have a HUGE impact, like this list!

It sounds simple, and it is INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE. Just be a Nike, and try putting everything you want to accomplish in the next week on paper. Marie made us do it right after the lesson, so we couldn’t procrastinate, so do it now!!!!!!!!!!!
I think you may feel a lot better after you do it!

Free your mind, and the rest will follow,




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