How to Talk your Body into Healing


Dr. Wayne Dyer

How to Talk your Body into Healing

I just love hearing Wayne Dyer speak. I always come away feeling inspired, and this past Saturday at Hay House’s Ignite Conference was no different.

There is so much to share!

Dyer was sharing how his chronic back pain was motivated by a psychological cause, and he cited an incident that happened in his childhood. He was feeling better and better on stage as he spoke about it, and he could even bend further as his talk went on.

Dr John Sarno and Louise Hay have spoken about the effect of the psyche on the body for years, and as many of you know my work, I agree that releasing negative thoughts can have a profound effect on the body. Here is a miraculous illustration of how this can work.

Wayne Dyer invited one of his daughters to share a story about how she made chronic facial warts disappear in 4 days as a child.

Before bed, she had this conversation with them:

“Dear Bumps (her parents had called them bumps versus warts so as not to give them any negative connotation),I love you, but we cannot be together anymore, and I am letting you go with love.”

She knew it was going to work, because she was a kid at the time, and it did! Those warts she had been suffering with for years disappeared in just 4 days!

This is great proof of the power we have over our bodies!

One of the keys here is to accept the dis-ease in your body, and love your way through healing.

And here is a great script to use:

(BTW, you can use this for anything, including extra weight or even a habit you would like to break.)


Dear __________________,

I love you, but we cannot be together anymore.  I am grateful for the healing your presence is urging me to do. 

I let go of everything that would stop me from healing in this moment, and I remember the power I have to make change happen within my own body.

I release you from my body and life with love now.

With love,






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