Tip No. 3 Ignore the “No Pain No Gain” Philosophy



How to Make Weight Loss FUN and FABULOUS so You Won’t Want to Stop!

Tip No. 3: Ignore the “No Pain No Gain” Philosophy.

I subscribe to the motto, “greater gains without pain”.  When exercise hurts or when you feel really sore the next day, there is something wrong. Pain is the body’s way of saying, stop; we have just gone beyond a healthy threshold.  If you push yourself when something hurts, you could endure a  muscle or tendon tear or worse, and when you are sore the day after exercise, you have actually placed your body in an inflammatory state, which your poor immune system now has to handle.

Whether starting with a sport, cardio routine or weight training program,  ” microprogression ” is the best way to work up to your optimal shape without overdoing it.  If you are working out at a healthy intensity, you will feel invigorated after your workout, not exhausted.

Small but consistent steps are key; Even just the littlest bit…seven days a week is more powerful and meaningful than trying a new class two days a week.

Just a little bit of a lot of different weight training or cardio exercises in one longer workout also works well. So, if you work the back with light weights then the opposing muscles of the chest, then do a minute of cardio, then go back to the first back exercise, you are working different muscle groups at a safe intensity level for short periods of time, rotating the effort around, so you are getting a total body workout in small increments. You keep your caloric burn high, while you avoid over using specific muscles and joints. And, it is a lot more interesting then doing the same motion on a cardio machine.  If you like the idea of this, check out my Radiance Fitness class either in NYC or on my membership site.  You can try both for free.

And, I will be talking more about this tomorrow on Janette Barber’s show on SiriusXM 107 at 12pm!


Keep it feeling good, and it is good for you!

Much love and fun!


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