Tip No. 4: There is More Power in Numbers!



How to Make Weight Loss FUN and FABULOUS so You Won’t Want to Stop!

Tip No. 4: There is More Power in Numbers!

One of the beautiful things about the New Year is that almost everyone is united in the feeling that they are turning over a new leaf.

The emotional benefit of starting in January or February is that everyone is starting off together. Most people are more motivated than usual to get into better shape.

When you have someone with whom you can work out you are not only making a commitment to improving your own health, but also making a commitment to be a part of a partnership in which you work with another person toward the same united goal.

This person could be a friend or a trainer.

It’s just the beginning of February, so it is time to get to it (if you haven’t already started). Try getting a friend involved to keep you going and make whatever program you have started more fun so you stick with it!

As I said in Tip No.2, if exercise is fun, you are less likely to stop!

When you get someone else behind your goals and dreams, you get extra energy to make them come true!


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