Tip No. 2: Do Something You Love as a Work Out!


How to Make Weight Loss FUN and FABULOUS so You Won’t Want to Stop!

Even when it’s sooooooo cold you don’t want to go out, like Chulo my Brazilian Puppy.

Tip No. 2: Do Something You Love as a Work Out! 

When choosing a form of exercise it’s really important that it be fun and light you up in some way, because if it feels like a chore you won’t keep it up.

Think of a time when you were doing something physical and you felt really good when you finished. Were you playing a sport, dancing in a class?

I love to dance, bike ride, weight train to my favorite tunes and walk or run in nature.  I can’t stand jogging on a treadmill or biking on a machine in a gym to nowhere, but I can do the things I enjoy with no resistance, get a great workout, and feel inspired and elated when I finish.  And, when I feel this good when I finish, I want to plan the time to do it more, because it has more then just a physical benefit for me. We want to do the things that make us feel good, so pick that thing, and I bet it is easy to stick to doing it!

If you love the outdoors like me, getting out in this cold weather can be a challenge.  I have learned that if I wear the right clothes, I can work out in weather down into the 20s. The key is a good fast-drying sweat-wicking under layer and a wind blocking shell for both the upper and Lower body. I highly recommend REI as a great source for finding the right combo for you. They have a great selection, a knowledgeable, helpful staff, and an awesome return policy! They are even in Manhattan now! You can find more information at their website: http://www.rei.com/stores/soho.html

And if you just can’t bear to leave the house, like my puppy Chulo, try out my Radiance work out. It combines all of my favorite things into 1 program and will be available on my  site coming this February! So you can get your glow on in the comfort of your cozy home.

I will be on Janette Barber’s Sirius radio show on SiriusXM 107 this Friday at 12pm to talk more about how you can work out, lose weight and stay healthy and energized this year!

It’s almost February.  Have you started your program yet?  Are you struggling to keep it up?

It doesn’t have to be super hard. Join me on Friday, as I talk about easy, fun and fulfilling ways to get into your best shape!


Think about  it, and share. What activity rocks your world?


Much love and fun,

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