How to Make Weight Loss FUN and FABULOUS so You Won’t Want to Stop! Tip No. 1


How to Make Weight Loss FUN and FABULOUS so You Won’t Want to Stop!

Tip No. 1: Imagine what it would feel like to have already achieved your goal!

Say to yourself, I wonder what it would feel like if I were 10 pounds skinner? Well? How would you feel? Sexy, free? If you’re feeling sexy and free, you’re going to make healthier choices, which are in alignment with feeling that way. See yourself as if you’ve already achieved your goals, and live into being that person every day in your mind. As you walk down the street say, ” I am sexy; I am free!’ As you feel whatever your adjective would be if you achieved your goal, you will become it!

It’s magical how thinking fit, gets you fit faster! Free your mind, and your body follows.  Your thoughts make you who you are, including your dress size!


I have been feeling skinny, powerful and feisty lately. It is helping me stay on the cleanse I am doing with Terri Cole and Dr. Lipman, and I have lost 8lbs already!


So, what’s your word?

How would you feel if you reached your goal?


“I would feel _______________? ”


Now, just put it in the present.


“I am ____________, ________________ and , ________________.


Say it 10 times, and tell us how you feel!


Stay tuned for more cool tips coming next week!


Much love,





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