My Favorite, Fabulous, under 300 Calorie Breakfast to Help me Pare Down for my Cleanse!


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My Favorite, Fabulous, under 300 Calorie Breakfast to Help me Pare Down for my Cleanse!

I am paring down for my cleanse starting on Monday with Terri and Dr L, and this is a great step toward it, and darn yummy too!
Check out this link if you are still thinking about joining us-

1. Saute chopped shallots in a small amount, half a teaspoon, of ghee, butter or olive oil till brown on the edges.

2. Toast a piece of gluten free, my choice, or 7-grain bread if you are OK with wheat, while you do this.

3. Scramble 1 egg white and 1 full egg in the pan with the shallots, add a half teaspoon of goat cheese and mix it in. Cook your eggs to your liking; I like mine a little wet.

4. Place the eggs on top of your slice of bread and sprinkle my secret ingredient, truffle salt ! on top with a little black pepper!

Enjoy this hearty, delicious, satisfying, low-cal breakfast. It’s my favorite!

-1 egg is about 70 calories
-1 slice of bread, check your package, is about 70 calories
– Half a teaspoon of goat cheese is approximately 7 calories
Below is a link to my favorite brand of truffle salt. It just makes everything more fabulous – see my December blog for more on this!





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