Want to Join me in Doing a New Year’s Cleanse?


Want to Join me in Doing a New Year’s Cleanse?

In the past year, some amazing things have happened. While it’s been a dream come true to open my studio, The Lara Touch, it has been a lot of long hours and because of that I haven’t been taking as good care of myself as I would in less intense times of my life.

My skin has been breaking out more.
My tummy is a bit bloated.
And, I have gained about 12lbs.
Yup, this stuff happens when I stray from taking care of myself.

So, I am ready to get back on track and take back my body!

I am psyched to have found the perfect way to do it! My friend and most amazing psychologist and life coach, Terri Cole, has teamed up with Dr Frank Lipman and created an amazing support program to do with a cleanse! I have been wanting to do a cleanse for a while, because I always feel better afterward and it gets me re-focused on taking care of myself by putting better things into my body. It is also a great way to kick start a weight loss program in a healthy way.

This is a great cleanse because it is easy and healthy. You eat 2 meals a day and have shakes to supplement in between so you get all the nutrients and vitamins you need, while allowing your body to take a break from some stressful foods like wheat and sugar.

I can’t wait to see how my body changes! Goodbye bloat and hello flat stomach. My poor little intestines are going to get a nice vacation, so they can relax!

If you have ever wanted to do this, this is a great opportunity to do it with an incredible amount of support!

If this appeals to you, don’t think too much about it, just be a Nike, and dooooo it!
I have been thinking about it for over a month and I finally fully committed to doing this after a week of cutting most of these foods out again on my own. It’s always easier to do new things with a group.

To get all the stuff you need, you need to sign up today or by tomorrow at the latest.
Here’s the link: http://terricole.com/dr-frank-lipman-terri-cole-21-day-cleanse/

Come free your mind, as you cleanse your body with me!

Envisioning me in my looser jeans now! Yipppppppeeeeeeeee!




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