My Recent Upset and Access – Retrograde Recap 



This past Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season proved to be rough for myself and a lot of people in my life, from clients to friends. 

So if you are not alone if you…

  • Got sick or were nursing your children back to health.
  • Experienced upsets like things breaking, travel delays, or misunderstandings. 
  • Received news of a big change like a job, living situation, or relationship ending.

As I have shared, Eclipse Season has a tendency to bring about fated events that spur desired growth and change, sometimes before we are ready for it. 


Mercury Retrograde is a time period that usually pushes us to review, reprogram, and re-organize our lives in ways that could change things for the better. 

I know, easier said than done when you’re in the throes of the shock of an upset.

Since we are a few weeks out from the last Eclipse and Mercury just stationed direct, I thought it would be a good time to review what happened and to share what I learned so you could benefit from it too. 

1) Being sick is often our body’s way of slowing us down so we can recalibrate. 

I have noticed this time and time again with my son. The past four times he has been sick have been followed by him achieving some developmental milestone. 

It almost seems as if his body needed a break and time away from school to integrate everything he has been learning. When he has recovered, it’s like he is a new and improved version of himself, doing things that have previously been challenging.

For me, after getting over the initial frustration associated with being sick, I surrendered to sharing Strep Throat and forced rest with my son, and not only enjoyed sweet, tender cuddly naps with him, but also the time and space that it gave me to reconnect to the guidance of my heart and soul. 

As a result, I have slowed down and scheduled in more time to think about what I want and to plan.

Taking this time to rest has helped me realize I need and want more time to rest and recalibrate each week.

I want to be more conscious of how I am using my energy and work smarter not harder. 

I want to keep this slower pace so I have the capacity to more fully experience the goodness in my life, like these unexpected cuddly sick moments with my son.  

I want to give myself extra space and time for what matters even if it’s unplanned;) 

So if you too have been sick, I invite you to ponder and maybe journal on what your body was inviting you to learn. 

Have you gotten more clarity about something you want?

Is there anything that is different about you?

As I understand better what I want, I am attracting it. See the story below…

Space and clarity is sometimes all you need to manifest what is next. 

2) If anything upsetting happened, I invite you to ponder what this upset might be showing you that you need more access to in your life. 

We are unlikely to change anything if we are happy with how things are. 

Adversity fosters growth.

Right after I recovered, James’ beloved sitter told me she had gotten offered an internship she couldn’t refuse, and it would be starting at the end of the summer. 

While I was exited about this great opportunity for her, it felt like the carpet had been pulled out from underneath me for a couple days. 

As I began to look online for perspective candidates to fill her shoes, I found an applicant who was a former teacher.

I remembered the coaching I shared with you in my last MR blog…

Maybe this IS happening for me/us. 

My son’s needs are changing. He could benefit from having a teacher take him through learning activities after school. 

My perspective completely shifted. 

While his current sitter has been so good for him, maybe the Universe was bringing us the situation that would organize his next level of care. 

So, if you too experienced any upsetting situations, I invite you to look at…

How might this upset be opening your eyes to a new possibility or opportunity? 

Maybe you have outgrown a specific situation? 

Maybe you need a new person or a new system to satisfy your needs now? 

With so many things pulling our attention in life, sometimes the Universe needs to “get your attention” with an upsetting event that pulls your focus. 

Often these events help us understand better what matters.

If you are reading this, consider this your invitation to connect with your inner wisdom. 

Place one hand over your heart and… 

Tap or hold the back of that hand as you ponder the questions above. 

You are more guided than you realize. 

Much love, 


5 Replies to “My Recent Upset and Access – Retrograde Recap ”

  1. Thanks for sharing Lara. Good reminder and something I needed to hear today as I go back to work after maternity leave next week.

    1. Yes!!! So glad it resonated! Have so much grace for yourself;)
      Right there with you!

  2. I can totally relate to what you said, Lara. I had been pushing myself to complete my art for a solo exhibit and to do a couple of book signings for my new book during the month of April. Prior to that, I had covid for about three weeks. I had avoided it all this time and I was frustrated that it was keeping me limited in my energy. After I got my art exhibit hung and had my reception, I was leaving and tripped on the concrete and fell. My knees were skinless and my whole body hurt, but ER said I had no broken bones, so at 81, that was a blessing! I realized that these were opportunities for me to slow down and be grateful I was not out of commission any longer than I needed. Thanks for the reminder.
    Hugs, Marilynn

    1. Oh I’m so glad you are ok after that fall! And that you listened to your body’s invitation to rest;)
      Love and Light!

  3. Lara, I’m so thankful for crossing our paths! Especially today, your words of wisdom are giving me wonderful feeling of peace & feeling being taking care of by you. Lots of love to you and your family!

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