What to Do When Things Go Wrong 



What do you do when something goes wrong? 

When you make a mistake?

Or when you don’t and you do EVERYTHING right, but something goes wrong despite your best efforts, and someone gets angry?

This was a question I asked all my coaching groups because of something I caught myself doing. 

When I couldn’t figure out why something went wrong, I found myself ruminating…

What did I do to cause this? 

What did I do wrong?

While asking this question once can be enlightening and sometimes teach you a valuable lesson, continuing to obsess about it isn’t helpful.

I realized this was a pattern from childhood. 

When something went wrong and mom’s or dad’s reaction seemed out of proportion to what happened…

Like screaming over spilled milk on the carpet, yikes! Or road raging because someone cut them off on the highway, I tried to calm them and figure out what I did wrong. 

As a kid, I didn’t understand that adult life pressures drove their outbursts. 

So if I can’t understand why something goes wrong now, especially if someone else is upset, obsessive questioning is where I go.

Not Helpful.

Can you relate? 

I asked the same question of some of the members of my coaching groups and got some fascinating answers.

I wanted to share this video with you, so you could pay more attention to your internal dialogue when things go wrong, and flip your script to a more supportive and positive one.

With all that is happening right now in The Middle East and the powerlessness people have been feeling, I have witnessed a few of my clients being more critical of themselves and asking the same obsessive questions. 

In the video below, there is a quick exercise to help you retrain your reaction when things go wrong to help you give yourself the support you wanted and needed as a child. You deserve it, especially now. 

During the Pandemic, I formed small coaching groups. 

They became what one member described as, “an anchor, helping us get through the fears we were having and find a higher perspective. There were so many times during the past year, when I was grateful to be a part of this group.” – Susan Milani 

With the continued conflicts in our world, it can ground and uplift you knowing there are like-minded, open-hearted, and growth-driven individuals in your corner. 

If you are craving this kind of support and connection, I have 1 SPOT OPEN in my groups. 

Click here to find out more and to apply. 

It would be my pleasure to support you.

Much love, 


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  1. Lara, you are such a shining light through these difficult times. I love and appreciate you so much, thank you, thank you!!💖

    1. Of course <333 Love and peace to you, Mindy.

      Lara xx

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