How to Use the Energy of the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse to Repair The Most Important Relationship In Your Life



Today the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse appears in the sky, guiding us to some deeper truths that could bring harmonizing energy into our lives. 

From The AstroTwins: As the star sign ruling commitment and partnership, lovely Libra is gentle, harmonious and diplomatic. When the dark moon slips into this alluring domain, enjoy an extra helping of harmony and increased understanding in your most cherished relationships.”

As I read this, I thought about the relationship in my life that I have learned to cherish most. The health of this relationship affects all my others.

My relationship with myself. 

When I am out of balance and not honoring my heart, it affects my ability to be my best self for my son, my family, my clients, and my community. 

I am inviting you to use the energy of The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse and whatever events it brings to harmonize with your heart. 

Please ponder…

What is most important to you right now? 

What do you need or want that is missing in your life? 

How are you feeling about your relationships

As this New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in the sign of Libra, we can expect some themes around balance to arise. Libra is represented by the scales and regulates the flow of giving and receiving in our lives.” 

I invite you to consider…

How much energy are you giving to…

  • Your work?
  • Your family? 
  • Your friendships? 

What are you receiving in these areas of your life?

Is there a good balance?

One of the most powerful lessons when working with Libra energy is to find our sense of collaboration rather than compromise.” 

This Libra Energy can help you balance the flow of energy in your life. 

Taking the time to become aware of what is important, what you need, and how you feel is the first step. 

Then collaborate with your friends, family, and colleagues to balance the scales. 

Ask them how you might best support them, and share how they might best support you. 

Too much giving without receiving tips the scales, leaving you drained, frustrated, and resentful.

Receiving attention without giving can leave you feeling unvalued.

Feeling this way over time could cause you to break off the relationship. 

You can give what feels good and receive what feels nurturing to you.

And your relationships with your friends, colleagues, family, and yourself will be healthier for it 😉

So much love,


2 Replies to “How to Use the Energy of the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse to Repair The Most Important Relationship In Your Life”

  1. Diane Eggleston says: Reply

    Thank you, Lara, for this special take on Libra, with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse joining in that energy field. I am reading your thoughts a day after the Eclipse, and yet I feel a lot of energy moving around to remind me to take care, to pay attention and keep some balance. So, your words are especially resonating with me, as well as the awareness of my Mother’s Libra soul & energy almost 60 years past her departure from this plane.

    Blessings and gratitude,
    Diane (from Arizona)

    1. So glad it resonated!! Incredible insight about your mom. Best to you this fall 😉

      Much love,

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