How To Trust Yourself



Have an exciting idea for your life or the world but not sure how to go about attaining it?

Ever second guess yourself?

Want to have the confidence in yourself to seize opportunities versus focusing on the hurdles? 

Doing anything new will likely raise doubt or fear because it’s a divergence from your status quo. 

So, you can expect anxiety to come up. 

But you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, if you give yourself what you need to be successful.

When you feel stuck or start procrastinating, I invite you to ask yourself……

“What might make this easier?”

You may need a pep talk to remind yourself of your proven capabilities. 

You may need more information to make a decision or to take action. 

You may need more rest or more inspiration before you begin.

And it would probably help to calm any anxiety you are feeling, so what you need can be clear. 

Try this Tap To Trust Exercise with me now…

  • Think about something you have been procrastinating about. 
  • Now think about any hurdles you feel might be in your way. 
  • Do you feel any stress or tension in your body?
  • Tap the front of your right cheek with the front of your left ribcage as you read these phrases:  
  1. When I feel stuck or fearful, I can check in and see why I am feeling this way and what I need to feel more secure. 
  2. I can give myself the support I need to overcome any fear, resistance, or hurdle. 
  3. As I honor my heart’s needs, it is easier to achieve my goals. 
  • Now switch sides…
  • Tap the front of your left cheek with the front of your right ribcage as you read these phrases:
  1. What might make this easier? What can I do to inspire myself?
  2. When I feel inspired everything feels easier. 

How do you feel when you think about those perceived hurdles now?

This is an Energy Balancing Exercise to help balance the…

  • Stomach Meridian – Emotional Themes: Worry or trusting the process of life
  • Liver Meridian – Emotional Themes: Criticism or nurturing self. 

Tapping these points can help you re-pattern critical fear responses and trust yourself.  

The same way you would turn to a supportive friend, you can begin to access your own inner strength on a regular basis.

What can you do for yourself today that would help make whatever you are approaching easier?

Would any of these actions help?….

  • Some space and time to ponder what you need?
  • A nap?
  • More information or advice from a trusted resource?
  • Inspiration to get you going? An inspiring movie about something similar? 
  • Listening/dancing to your favorite song right before you begin taking action? 
  • Doing something that inspires you (bike ride, walk in nature, painting, etc)

You know better than anyone else what you need to make anything easier. 

With the right support you can do anything! 

So much love!


2 Replies to “How To Trust Yourself”

  1. Oh yes Lara! Beautiful thank you! Perfect timing too, I got a lot coming up starting my coaching business…
    I LOVE how you always include naps in the needs. I love naps and find them very affective to reset or get inspired. The perfect state of „letting go“ and „no tension“.
    Lots of love and appreciation 💕💕

    1. Wow!!!!! I love when a blog comes at just the right time for someone. And YES to naps!!! Even a simple 20 minute snooze can do the trick 🙂
      Much love,

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