It’s my birthday and…



I’m doing exactly what I wanted to do today…

Pack boxes. 

After a long wait to move into the home we bought, we are finally moving this week! 

It’s a great birthday present, and I am psyched to pack so that I will know what is in which box when we arrive home. 

Ahhhhh! That sounds so good. 

Arriving home.

New York City was my heart’s home for, wow, 25 years! 

I never thought I would ever want to leave. 

And, yet, leaving has been what my heart has been craving for the last year and a half. 

My husband and I have been marveling about how all this happened. 

If we hadn’t rented a weekend place outside of the city last year, we never would have known what it would be like to live outside of NYC.

We got to feel what it was like to have a home, space, and trees versus buildings around us. 

And we got to feel what it was like to be back in the city after being away.

The contrast was decisive. 

Rather than invigorating me like it used to, the energy of the city now felt like too much. 

Noticing you want something different than what you have is the first step to change happening. 

Acknowledging what isn’t working for you can also be a catalyst for change. 

So, as you go about your days this summer, I invite you to turn up your awareness, and pay closer attention to what you like and what you don’t. 

Warning!—- Upset is likely to accompany these important realizations.

It’s annoying when you realize you want something, but you don’t have it yet. 

Before you get too bummed out…

Be gentle and curious.

Ponder what it might feel like for your desires to actually happen in your life. 

Think about how cool it is will be when…

What you want happens!

Like energy attracts like energy. 

Noticing what you want or what you don’t could be the beginning of a dream coming true. 

Day dreaming of floating in our pool right now, and it’s happening in just a few days! 

Cheers to our dreams coming true, 


2 Replies to “It’s my birthday and…”

  1. Hi Lara, a very happy (belated) birthday to you! And so thrilled that you are living your dream and best life at your new home, and no doubt being in so much gratitude as you swirl around in your swimming pool:). And the meridien point sleeping tip is gold Lara, I did go back to sleep for a few hours, grateful for your tip!
    Wishing you and your readers a blessed day:).

    1. how WONDERFUL! so glad you got to sleep again!!! our bodies are incredible. thank you for the birthday and well wishes 🙂

      much love,

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