Cosmic Energy Reset: The Full Moon In Virgo and Saturn In Pisces



The Full Moon today…

“Falling in the sign of Virgo, the March Full Moon will feel like a tonic, like an elixir that is specially crafted just for us to help us navigate all that this month is destined to bring.

Pay attention to where you feel called under this Full Moon. Do you feel guided to rest, release, or welcome new opportunities? Do you feel guided to go within and get still, or to put yourself and your creations out into the world?” –

Honor your inner impulses, because…

Less than an hour after the Virgo Full Moon, Saturn moves into Pisces. This is one of the biggest cosmic events of 2023. Saturn has been touring Aquarius since December 2020 but is now making its way into Pisces, where it will remain until February 14, 2026.

Pisces is a water sign. It is known for its abstract ideas, creativity, compassion, and going with the flow. Pisces is mutable water, which means its adaptable, free-flowing, and open to the energies of the world around it.

Saturn is a very grounded, earthy energy. It rules over things like the law, boundaries, responsibilities, and restrictions. Saturn’s energy can sometimes feel like a wake-up call, bringing us back down to reality and making us face up to the consequences of our actions and the actions of the collective”. – 

With these two very different energies at play…

There could be a whole new feeling or set of rules that we start to take on. We might all have to be a lot more flexible in some area of our life – and again, still hold the shape of things.” – CHANI

To help you benefit from this major shift in energy and open your perspective of what is possible for you…

At some point over the next day or so, please take five minutes and answer the questions below. 

Saturn first moved into Aquarius back in December 2020. 

Now that we are at the end of this cycle, think back to the themes, patterns, or lessons that have been unfolding in your life since December 2020.” –

1. In what ways have you been able to set boundaries in your life that protect your heart’s needs and desires since December 2020?

2. How can you continue to expand your compassion for yourself and others? What could you give yourself on a daily basis that would provide you with more comfort or joy? 

It can be as easy as taking extra time to answer a request to see if it is something that truly works for you before you respond. Or, making sure your basic needs are met and you take a lunch break during your work day.

When you take care of yourself, it’s easier to have compassion for others.

Giving yourself simple things like your favorite music or podcast in the morning before work can upgrade your outlook and create greater energy flow in a structured day. 

3. What internalized, outdated rules or expectations might you be able to rewrite or let go of now?

Maybe you don’t have to get your “To Do” List done before you do something fun on a Saturday? Doing something fun might give you the boost and inspiration to blow through your list with greater ease later.

The Pandemic brought so much change and expanded possibilities for so many of us.

It proved that change is possible.

In this next period, while Saturn is in Pieces until February 2026, what kind of changes to your status quo could you make to help you feel more aligned with your heart? 

So much love,


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