How To Take Advantage Of The Energy Of The Leo Full Moon This Weekend



Full Moons tend to amplify what you are feeling. 

This weekend’s Full moon in Leo and the exercise below can help you be more of who you truly are.

So many of us learned how to squash our needs and fit in so that we could find a family, be a part of a group or get our social needs met in some shape or form. 

To be honest about what we need- what we like, what we don’t like, what we want to do, what we don’t want to do—- is for many of us, an unlearning.

Leo is all about how we self-express — how we say, ‘This is who I am. And this is how I shine in the world.’

This Leo Full Moon wants us to question:

“Why am I not being honest about who I am, about what I need, about what I want?

What am I really going to risk? And, what will I gain if I try to be more honest – if I try to show up as myself?”
Chani Nicholas

When you ignore your inner voice, you risk never feeling seen, heard, and known as yourself. 

When you are able to be honest about what you want and need, and then attain it for yourself, you attract situations in which your needs get met. 

When you set boundaries that protect your time, space, and well-being, others respect what you hold dear.

When you are clear about what you love and feel worthy of having it, you attract people and a life that loves you back.  

The questions below are designed to help you realize what feeds your heart and soul and embody who you truly are.

  1. Who I am is a person who is comforted by______________________.
  2. Who I am is a person who is inspired by______________________, and who feels creative when I ______________________.
  3. I feel most like myself when I ______________________. 
  4. Who I am is a person who loves ______________________.
  5. I feel most self-expressed when I am ______________________.
  6. As I fulfill my soul’s calling, I see myself ______________________.
  7. As I acknowledge I am a unique representation of Divine Love, I feel ______________________. 

The Love in me Acknowledges The Love in you. 

What can you do today to honor The Love within you? 

Give yourself what you love. 

Start with something mundane that comforts you and keep choosing your life loves over the next few days.

The Leo Full Moon will magnify its effect



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  1. Debi A Nowak-Hawkes says: Reply

    That really made my day. Thank you for being so authentic and joyful. And just so darn cute!!!

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