Good News! A Breath Of Fresh Air And Energy Is Here!



Has the start of the new year felt tough?

Been feeling like something in your life is annoying you relentlessly?

Maybe you have been sick and are struggling to get your energy back? 

Maybe you haven’t been able to move a project forward? 

Maybe you are revisiting last year’s goals and realizing another year has gone by and you still don’t have what you want?

As we start each new year and ponder what we might want to change, whatever isn’t working often becomes glaring.

And, with both Mars and Mercury Retrograde until this past week, you may also have been feeling heightened emotional pressure with a lack of clarity around how to make changes with little energy or motivation to do it. 

THE GOOD NEWS!— This weekend brought a helpful shift in energy with the start of The Chinese New Year of The Rabbit and the New Moon in Aquarius. 

Under the January 21-22, 2023, New Moon, we shift out of the year of the Yang Water Tiger and into the year of the Yin Water Rabbit.

In Chinese Astrology, the Rabbit brings hope, peace, and harmony. It is a much gentler energetic expression compared to the Tiger, which means 2023 is a good year to slow down, focus on what is really important, and make resting and recharging a priority.

Shortly after this New Moon peaks, we have zero major planets in retrograde, indicating some strong forward-moving energy is on the way.

The New Moon in Aquarius is supporting our innovation and ability to seed something new…

Then we are having a Venus/Saturn conjunction in this sign.

The planet of pleasure and the planet of restrictions/structure coming together have very different agendas. Venus wants to play and Saturn wants to work. 

It’s about committing to the ways in which we are centering in what we value. 

From an energetic perspective, it’s not going to be efficient to do things we aren’t inspired to do.

Uninspired work is going to feel REALLY hard in this Venus/Saturn dynamic. 

It’s also not going to be effective to ignore our needs or self-care. 

Think about a rabbit and how it moves through life. 

It hops along, then stops to look around and make sure it has found a secure place to eat. Then it munches on grass before hopping off. 

Rabbits also look for easy food sources like gardens to nourish them. 

I invite you to use the innovative energy of this Aquarius New Moon and follow cues from the rabbit to approach your life a little differently this year. 

How can you give yourself nourishment and security with self-care that helps you feel your best BEFORE you start to do anything? 

When you feel good, whatever you are doing is easier. 

Can you take the time to actually chew on and taste the the joys of life and allow their energy to fuel your work? 

Can you let go of how you think you “should” go about getting what you want this year and lean into what might inspire action easily? 

When I feel stuck writing, I go for a bike ride to think and be re-inspired. 

If I don’t have time, I bounce on my trampoline to a song that energizes and motivates me. 

It generally takes a quarter of the time for me to complete a task with this inspiration and motivation fueling my efforts. 

When a client was feeling terrified to start looking for a new job, I suggested she do something that made her feel strong, capable and confident before taking the smallest, easiest step forward in her job search. 

Every task is easier when you feel inspired to do it or more confident in your ability to do it. 

So I invite you to let go and to get into energetic flow with what you want. 

Your inspired energy will carry you through the completion of a lot you wouldn’t want to do otherwise. 

This morning I bounced to Jill Scott’s song Golden, and got inspired to share this with you. 

Instead of actually making clear-cut resolutions or goals right now, see if you can instead commit to living your life like it’s Golden, and just play around with what feeds energy to your body, heart, and soul. 

You never know where this energy might take you or the pathways it might open up. 

And your experience of life can be richer, more fun, and more satisfying as you live it! 

So much love,


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