What This Saturn Retrograde And Sagittarius Super Full Moon Might Mean For You


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Last week I shared some realizations I had after looking back at dates which corresponded to Saturn’s Movements over the last two years, since the start of The Pandemic.

Looking at what happened in my own life as Saturn (the great teacher of the zodiac) made significant movements brought meaning in the form of priceless lessons for which I am grateful. 

I wanted you, too, to have the same opportunity I did to look back and to get present to your blessings over the last two years. 

Whenever Saturn is active, it can bring some harsh awakenings, but also many rewards if we are willing to step up to the plate and do the work…

Saturn’s flavor is all about taking responsibility, owning up to the actions and decisions we have made, creating structure, setting boundaries, building legacies, father or father-like figure issues, and honoring our own personal integrity.


Riding the energy of The Super Sagittarius Full Moon Tuesday, it is an auspicious time to look back and to get present to overlooked blessings from the last two years of your life. 

Sagittarius is the adventurer, it is the seeker of wisdom, the student of life that is forever rising to the challenge to keep on learning.

And… Full Moons always help to draw things out of us. They are considered a power time in the month to complete projects, detoxify, and do away with things that no longer serve our highest growth or highest good.

Take a look back at your calendar or journal and look at what was happening for you around the time of these dates…

Saturn first entered Aquarius on March 22-23, 2020. As we all know, March 2020 was the start of a global pandemic and has been etched into this particular Saturn in Aquarius cycle.

What was happening for you at the start of The Pandemic, March 22-23, 2020? 

How was your life changing?

What did you learn about yourself and your heart’s desires at this time? 

Did any important lessons occur for you? 

The next significant date in this Saturn cycle was May 2021, when Saturn made its first full retrograde in Aquarius, followed by October 2021, when Saturn stationed direct again.

What significant events occurred for you in May of 2021? 

Did these events show you anything that you wanted or needed in your life? 

What occurred for you in October of 2021? 

Any themes emerging? 

Did any of the upsets create access to new learning or lessons for you? 

I invite you to take some time and ponder what Saturn and this Full Moon are urging you to discover. 

Looking at this I realized…

Listening to my feelings and body more has provided a whole new level of expansion, possibility, and joy.
(If you missed the blog last week, here’s where you can read my answers to the questions above.)

Stop, and look back at your calendar.

Look at what happened. 

Listen to your inner wisdom. 

Is there anything your heart has been trying to show you? 

This is an invitation from the Universe to claim it now. 💖

So much love,


2 Replies to “What This Saturn Retrograde And Sagittarius Super Full Moon Might Mean For You”

  1. Marilynn Lowry says: Reply

    OMG, Lara!
    This so resonated with me, and I am still trying to remember all that happened in March of 2020…I think the shutdown shut down much of my mind as well. But when I reviewed my calendar for 2021, I was amazed at what had happened, I lost the last aunt I had in April…my last family connection. I joined Grace Point and began my book on my journey after my stroke also in April. During my writing, I unearthed a lot of memories that were quite painful but necessary to connect the dots, and Terri Cole’s class on the mother wound capped it off. On May 1 was my 79th birthday, and seven days later the birthday of my son, and three days later the memorial for one of my art mentors and a big supporter of me when I had my stroke. We were the same age. Beginning in March and lasting through November, I had four foot surgeries to help me correct the damage from my stroke and help me with my mobility issues, and in between a lot of physical therapy. We lost two more friends, one from Covid and another from heart issues. In October we celebrated our 19th anniversary and usually take a trip. We canceled the trips we planned to take both in 2020 and 2021 and stayed at home. I later learned that my former partner passed away on the same day we celebrated our anniversary while the wife of our neighbor we lost to heart problems celebrated her 80th birthday with bittersweet feelings. We again had to forfeit our Christmas visit with our kids from Boston due to the pandemic. And after November we kept being bombarded with political issues and now Ukraine and Russia. We are truly forced to dig deeper than we ever have. Throughout all of this, the thread keeps on moving us to keep on growing and learning. We are bound to be stronger than ever if things ever lighten up! Thank you so much for posing these questions. They are food for a lot of continued thought!
    Much love,

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      I’m so glad the questions could help you reflect on the many things that have happened in the past two years! Love to you!

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