What You Need To Know This Eclipse Season



Have you or anyone near to you experienced a sudden life changing event? 

A sudden sickness, Covid exposure?

A surprise move or career shift?

A relationship upset?

We have entered into eclipse season with a powerful Solar Eclipse happening over the weekend.

If you have experienced any surprises in your life lately, you may already be experiencing its effect.

If you have been rocked by this energy and sudden change, you are not alone.

And, there is great growth potential here for you.

Eclipses activate our soul contract and tend to bring fated events that help us get to the next chapter of our spiritual evolution.

Eclipses can take us by surprise, but it is worthwhile remembering that they always put us where we need to be, even if it doesn’t feel like it at first! In fact, Eclipses can accelerate our timeline, bringing forward things that were ultimately inevitable.

This is extra true for the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse as the planet Uranus is very active. Uranus is known for bringing surprises and events that seem to appear out of the blue. Its energy promises some sort of radical shift from one state to the next.

Uranus can sometimes be a bit shocking in the way that it works, but ultimately its goal is to bring more freedom into our lives. It wants to liberate us from all that is holding us back so we can step into a truer and more authentic place.” 

– ForeverConscious.com

As I always say, “Upset is Access” to new growth and positive change if we are willing to get present to our feelings and to honor our hearts as we make choices which support what we ultimately want. 

To make the most of this powerful energy spurring change:

1 – Bring to mind any sudden change you have experienced, any life changes that have made you feel uncomfortable or any situation with which you have been struggling. 

Notice where you feel any stress or tension in your body as you think about this.

Tap your temple on one side of your face (Triple Warmer Meridian Point) to help calm any fear or anxiety you are experiencing with the front of your cheek (Stomach Meridian Point) on the opposite side of your face to help you more easily trust the growth possibilities present at this time.

Repeat this phrase 3Xs as you tap:

I can stop and center myself in my power to make choices which support me. I can get present to the possibilities and growth this can open up for me.

Repeat with the same points on the opposite side of your face.

2 – Then place your one hand on your Heart Chakra, center of chest, and the other over your forehead and Third Eye and relax in this position as you ponder…..

What new freedom could come from this situation?

How might this propel me forward and help me evolve?

How might this create new possibilities for me to speak and live more authentically from my heart?

3 – Continue to ponder these questions over the next few weeks, and notice what opportunities await you.

And please share this with anyone who might need some reassurance right now. ❤️

Much love and many blessings,

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  1. Thank you so much lara

    1. you’re so welcome, Jackie!

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