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Last week I sent out a blog with an exercise to help you more easily adapt to our new normal. The exercise was designed to help with sensory overload, social anxiety, and fatigue.

You can access it here if you missed it.

We received a question…

“Lara, this is awesome! I really felt a difference from this. I exhaled and felt noticeably more relaxed and even energized. But, I can’t do this at work. 

Anything I can do at my desk that no one will notice?” 

In the video below, I share an Inconspicuous Stress Relieving Exercise that can help you calm stress, anxiety, and overwhelm without anyone knowing you are doing anything. 

Check out this super easy, secret stress reliever below 😉

And, please share this with anyone who could use it with this link.

Much ease, 


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  1. Do some deep breathing & on the exhale do a very long hhheeee sound. Qigong triple warmer healing sound. Like a hiss sound without the sss, Enjoy. Michelle

    1. Thanks for the tip!

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