Tapping For A Better World



This is my go-to when what’s happening in the world feels overwhelming.

For those of you who know Abraham Hicks, they are experts at taking you through the full range of emotions, from fear to love in their Emotional Scale.

I created this tapping routine to go with an audio of Abraham Hicks as they count down through 15 separate emotions. 

Watch the video below and tap along with me on specific meridian points and chakra centers, which relate to each step of the scale, to help your body more easily process some of the complicated emotions that may be coming up for you right now. 

I hope this helps you as it has me.

When you finish, please send the love you access to Ukraine, all the fighters and all our world leaders. 

And, if this resonates, please share it with anyone who could use some love right now: https://bit.ly/Tapping-LR

Much Love,


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  1. I didn’t realize how much tension I was carrying. I feel lighter!

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