Capricorn Super Full Moon Releasing Ritual



As I shared on Monday, this Capricorn Full Moon is bringing some powerful energies into our lives.

Full Moons, especially Super Full Moons, have the ability to draw things out of us. They act as a magnet, pulling out all that is no longer necessary or needed.


I find we are motivated to let go of old patterns and perspectives we no longer need when we outgrow them and they become too constricting for the life we now want to live. 

And the sign we are ready to let go of our old ways and thinking is generally disappointment or discontent.

It takes a certain amount of discord to fuel change. If everything was perfect, there would be no reason to grow!

So, if you have been feeling annoyed, regretful, or found yourself having a crisis of confidence this week, you may be feeling the effects of this Full Moon and your own soul prompting you to make a change.

If you are in the throes of it, the exercise I sent on Monday can help you ground yourself in your power.

And the Upset to Access Growth Worksheet can help you get clearer on what you want and help you use any dissatisfaction to fuel your next growth actions.

The Capricorn Super Full Moon brings waves of energy that are mixed in feeling and in frequency. We may feel all over the place or pulled in many directions, but thankfully, the grounding earthiness that Capricorn holds will help to keep us in our center and in a place of calm stability as we navigate the energies. Capricorn energy supports us in creating a life with a strong and solid foundation.


If you take this invitation for growth, it could have a lasting, maybe an even lifetime long effect.

Pholus, an asteroid similar to Chiron and relating to omens, divine truth, and cause and effect, is also very active at the time of this Full Moon. In astrology, whenever Pholus’ energy is strong, it indicates a turning point or a simple action that leads to the opening of a new path.


So, if you are resonating with what I am sharing, let this moment be the powerful “turning point that leads to the opening of your new path.”

Get clear on what you want with the Upset to Access Growth Worksheet, then use it during the full moon or over the next few days in the ritual below. 

Capricorn Super Full Moon Ritual

  1. Before bed, take a cleansing sea salt bath or shower. Simply add a cup of sea salt to your bath or use it in your shower. When I don’t have time to take a bath, I simply put a cup of sea salt in a large plastic container or pitcher. Fill it with shower water, then dump it over my head in the shower. I generally fill the container a few times with shower water and make sure the saltwater cleanses both the front and backside of my body. This is a quick and easy way to cleanse your energy.  As you are cleansing with the salt water, think of whatever you want to let go of, and imagine the energy of it being rinsed from your body.
  2. Read your Manifesting Mantras from Upset To Access Growth Worksheet in the Crossed Posture. Then place them under your pillow as you do this exercise and sleep for the night.
  3. Choose the feeling word from your mantras that sums up what you want to manifest and use it in this phrase as you rest and repeat it in the pose below for 5-11 minutes or until you fall off to sleep.
    “I can feel more and more __________ each day.”

Lay in bed with one hand on your forehead, and the other below your belly button on your Womb Chakra. Place pillows under your elbows, so you can rest and relax in this position without having to hold your arms up, as you repeat your manifesting mantra above.

Then let go and let God and The Universe co-create this with you, as you fall asleep.

Much love and abundance, 


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