How To Open Yourself Up to Spiritual Guidance



Having access to guidance from Spirit/Source is like tapping into a universal GPS system, versus trying to follow a paper map.

Remember those?

When I was a kid, my dad navigated our vacation route to the beach with paper maps. 

He knew the way he wanted to go and would follow the map to make sure we didn’t get lost. 

If we hit traffic, he would pull out the map and do his best to re-route us. 

Today, our digital GPS systems do all that work for us, because they have surveillance of all the roadways.

Tapping into your innate connection to Spirit/Source is the difference between planning out what you want to manifest on your own with a paper map or connecting into a Universal network that can come up with way better outcomes than you could ever expect on your own!

The exercise in the video below helps you open up to receiving the higher frequency energy and guidance of Spirit/Source and trains your meridian system to seek out people and experiences which are more aligned with your goals and dreams.

Our body’s energy is more dense than this higher frequency energy. 

This exercise helps you more effectively access and integrate its guidance.

Our human way of moving forward in the world uses our experience from the past to guide and navigate us around potential pitfalls in our present and future.

It can help us avoid danger, but it also can keep us from seizing opportunities to change and to grow. 

The exercise below also helps to train the ultimate protector meridian in your body, called the Triple Warmer in many schools, to act more offensively than defensively.

In some schools this same meridian is called The Tribal Weaver.

Tribal Weaver is the energy that seeks out other energies with the intent to align and create peaceful and productive collaboration for the purpose of expanding our well-being.

– Dr. Sara Allen

So, the Tribal Weaver way protects us by weaving a connection between our heart’s desires and other aligned energies.

When you align with the energy you desire versus focusing on avoiding what you fear, you take the high road and completely bypass roadblocks and backups. 

Think of an area in your life where your feel fearful or stuck prior to doing this exercise and then let me know how your feel afterward.

Have a journal ready to write down any juicy guidance and messages you may receive. 

And please share this if it resonates. 

Much love and magic!


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  1. Lara! How special 🙂 I can DEFINITELY feel a shift of energy and what a awesome meditation at the end! Thank you <3

  2. Monique Wynen says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing this. Wonderful.

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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