What You May Need This Mercury Retrograde



I never thought Mercury Retrograde was a big deal until I saw patterns in how my clients’ bodies were reacting to it.

In eight client sessions, six clients would come in with overstimulated central nervous systems complaining of feeling overwhelmed or agitated and unable to sleep. 

In my classes this week, I tested to see what everyone would need with this new mercury retrograde energy, May 29th -June 22nd. 

I thought for sure we might be doing some calming exercises for the central nervous system. 

In these classes, however, several people’s Bladder Meridians were actually weak meaning that their central nervous systems were tapped out of energy! 

Makes sense, the Bladder Meridian, from an emotional standpoint, relates to the themes of fear of the unknown or feeling hopeful about the future. 

After this year of constant uncertainty, I can see why this is showing up.

So instead of the normal central nervous system sedating exercises I would usually give during this time, we are going to send the Bladder Meridian and your central nervous system some energy to boost it and your capacity to trust yourself and your future in the Retrograde Reset Exercise below.

Instead of looking ahead, I invite you to look within.

There is an ancient saying, “As within, so without.” 

What you pay attention to grows. 

If you get annoyed or frustrated during this time, be aware of what you do with your energy next. 

You get to choose how you want to feel or stay mucked up in reactivity. 

It might not turn out the way you thought it would, it could be better 😉

– Kate Northrup 

Mercury Retrograde tends to bring up situations that nudge you to change things for the better. 

This retrograde in its ruling sign of Gemini is likely to affect:

  • communication
  • mental clarity
  • technology
  • travel 
  • and heighten emotions

So, if you experience snafus in these areas and get upset, this might be your soul’s way of showing you something needs to change.

How could this situation help you make things better for yourself?

As I always say, upset is access to new possibilities if you are willing to:

  • Calm and get present (With the exercise accessible below),
  • Look at what is happening and determine why you are upset. 
  • Be honest with yourself about what you want.
  • Make the changes necessary to support it. Start with the easiest action steps first, knowing, little by little, everything will get done. 

Tips To Help You Stay Calm, Cool and Collected During This Retrograde:

1) Do my Retrograde Reset Exercise at the start of your day to help ground you, release retrograde stress and get in touch with what you want between now and June 22nd. 


Do my Mercury Retrograde Bedtime Meditation before you go to sleep at night to help you have a more restful night’s sleep during this time. 

2) Be sure all your choices are in alignment with your heart. Let your body be your guide; check in with it. Scan your throat, neck, stomach and back for tightness. If your throat feels constricted, this may be your body’s way of telling you that you may not be expressing something important. If your stomach or gut feels tense, you may not be honoring something you want by making this decision.

Don’t make a decision just because you are feeling pressured. Make sure it truly feels right. Rushing into something that doesn’t feel right just to avoid pressure doesn’t make sense, especially during Mercury Retrograde when you could pay dearly for a bad decision.

3) Be conscious of what and how you are communicating. During this time, communication tends to go awry. Take the extra time to be clear, reiterate, follow up, and don’t jump to conclusions if you don’t hear back from someone. And be aware that others may be more frustrated than usual, so give yourself some time to think through your responses, and see where another person is coming from before you react. Think about what actions and words best convey what you want from a big picture standpoint versus what you feel in the moment. Speak from your heart with love instead of lack. 

4) WRITE STUFF DOWN and BACK UP YOUR FILES! Mental clarity tends to be off as well. Awareness is 75% so as long as you proceed with caution, you will be fine. Sending deadline and appointment reminders to others is a great idea, too! Backing up files will save you a lot of grief if Mercury affects your technology. Also, think about what systems could make your life easier with technology.

5) Try to stay open, easy, and compassionate. People tend to express their viewpoints with greater passion during this time and get attached to “being right.” Being prepared to stay open to new ideas and possibilities may save you angst, annoyance, and frustration and also provide you with new opportunities or ways of looking at your world.

Download your Mercury Retrograde Bedtime Meditation by clicking on this link.

Please share this with friends if it resonates 😉 


4 Replies to “What You May Need This Mercury Retrograde”

  1. Maureen (BBC 2020) says: Reply

    I must be in alignment with the Mercury Retrograde because all of this resonates with me. Tired ✅
    Heighten emotions ✅
    Technology 🤬✅✅

    Thanks for the exercise and meditation I will def be checking them out.

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      Aw you’re so welcome!!!

  2. Thank you so much!!! I have been following you and doing these energy exercises the past several months. I live on the west coast San Francisco bay area and it is fun to think of how I connect with you in New York…as I find balance with energy. I need and appreciate the support of your videos to move forward in transforming my life. Much Love Lynda

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      So happy I can help, Lynda!! Thank you for your kind message 🙂

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