How to Use The Energy Of the Super Total Blood Moon Eclipse Today and Over the Next Week



Eclipses are a magical time where the veil between dimensions grows thin. They represent an opening of a portal to a new and higher state of consciousness, but they can also stir our deeper emotions, and cloud us from being able to see the path ahead.

Eclipses teach us to surrender and to trust in whatever is unfolding. On a Lunar Eclipse especially, a path is often cleared for us and there is a theme of release as we are guided to let go of things that we have outgrown. 

Sometimes Eclipses can bring shocking events or surprises our way, and even though this can be challenging, we can think of an Eclipse like a message from the Universe, guiding us in a new and higher direction for our soul evolution. 

I did a little something different this eclipse. Rather than reading up on what this energy would mean, I leaned into it at 7:14 AM when the eclipse was actually happening and tested what we all may need to capitalize on this powerful energy. 

The exercise below is designed to help you get in flow with this energy and to help you ride it versus being thrown off by it.

Throughout this next week, be more aware of how you are feeling, and if you feel “off” more fatigued than usual, agitated, upset or anxious, see what your body might be trying to tell you.

These emotions or physical symptoms are your body‘s way of telling you something is out of alignment between your heart and soul and the way you are living your life.

Using this routine can help you release any upset that may come up, so you can more easily listen to your heart and then make a choice which can support what you want versus what you don’t.

Your voice and your choices are your vehicles to growth.

Use the signs your body is giving you to help you honor your heart, and change course if need be.

You can flow with this energy or fight against it.

I hope this exercise helps you. 

Flip over and float

– Terri Cole 

So much love,


2 Replies to “How to Use The Energy Of the Super Total Blood Moon Eclipse Today and Over the Next Week”

  1. Maureen Clum says: Reply

    Thank you! I have been feeling really heavy and out of alignment physically and emotionally. Someone clued me in that my feelings were right in tune with this eclipse full flower moon. Nice to know I can lean in and work with it and not passively ride this wave until it ends!
    Very appreciative of your work!

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      So glad it could help!!

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