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It was a saddening, terrifying and depressing week. 

Thursday morning tears welled up in my eyes, as I saw George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter, Gianna, on TV on her uncle’s shoulders with her arms outstretched, huge smile on her face as she exclaimed,”Daddy’s changing the world.”

There was a HUGE shift in consciousness this week. Signs of unity heartened me daily—proof George Floyd’s death and the lives we’ve lost in the pandemic were not in vain. Both circumstances have caused people all over the world to begin to shift from 3rdDimension/3rd Chakra Consciousness into a Higher Level of 5D/5thChakra Consciousness Expression. 

The third chakra is where our sense of personal power and identity are maintained. It holds information that affects how we see ourselves in the world. As humans, we mostly measure this by comparing ourselves to social norms. We see ourselves as operating within lines of what is right or wrong, normal or aberrant behavior. Actions are often reactive and unconscious, based on our need to belong. 

The 4thchakra, the Heart Chakra, is where our ability to both give and receive love is maintained. And the 5th, Throat Chakra, is the gateway where information from all the chakras gets metabolized and expressed. Fifth Dimension Consciousness is the embodiment and expression of love, so the throat chakra’s ability to express heart chakra’s wisdom. 

There have been many heartening signs of 5D Higher Level Consciousness this week: 

  • Police officers kneeling and marching in solidarity with protestors.
  • Multiracial protests consisting of as many or more white as brown skinned people. 
  • Whites standing in front of black protestors on the front lines of the protests creating a human barrier of protection between the line of armed police and their black cohorts.
  • Peaceful protestors protecting police officers from attacks from violent protestors. 
  • Conversations between white and black mothers on how to educate their children to eradicate racism. 
  • The acceptance of the peaceful expression of anger during protests and TV interviews. 
  • Famous, black, male newscasters, sports heroes, and actors sharing intimate personal stories from the heart about daily fears and vulnerabilities. 

Throughout the Pandemic, and now through this time of social upheaval, I have received signs of Divine Guidance that has given me faith that the upsets these difficult times have brought are creating growth and change for the better.

The Quarantine forced us to stop, slow down, and to focus on what matters. 

I hate to say this, but this brutal act of violence may have gone unchecked if it weren’t for everyone watching and paying attention.

The response may not have been as loud if people hadn’t been so fed up from being cooped up, having their loved ones die and their jobs and lifestyles taken away, the worst affected being the Latin and Black Communities.

The pandemic pushed people to their limits. We were sick and tired of being afraid, fearing the future unknowns Covid brings when this heinous act was so clearly caught on camera for all our eyes to witness.

The moment was ripe for this unified response to finally occur.

That is what is different this time. More people are speaking up and expressing the need for greater levels of humanity because people have had the break and time to focus on what matters. Our society is craving justice because too many wrongs will never make it right. 

Only we, all of us, every race and skin color, recognizing each other as people and treating one another as we would like to be treated is going to heal this.

While many of us knew the inequities that existed, we didn’t know the true cost to not only the Black community, but also to ourselves, our country and our world. 

When we deny our humanity and bond through racism, exclusion, hate or fear, we disempower ourselves by lowering our vibrational frequency. 

Being in a state of fear, jealousy or lack limits your ability to see possibility, new ideas, other options. Hormones released in a fear state drive you to look for safety and control. Blood rushes from your head to your limbs to power fight or flight. You are now in “Do or die” mode with fewer options.

Fear limits the amount of energy, emotions, ideas you can hold and process at one time; it lowers your frequency.

Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time. When something is carrying a higher frequency, this means that it is expressing a greater amount of energy in a given amount of time.

The feeling of love is a higher frequency emotion. And, it’s just a more effective energy to use to get things done. 

Think about it–when you are feeling loved or loving someone or something, isn’t it more energizing? Isn’t it easier to handle more? When you feel fear, anger, or anxiety about something, it is more difficult to take action. When you are passionate about something, taking action feels inspired and easy, right?

The most effective shifts this week came from a place of love. Like attracts like. Fear breeds more fear. Aggression breeds more aggression and creates more hardship.

You have the power to change minds and move hearts, especially your own. All you have to do is pay more attention to your heart’s cues and wisdom.

But, how can I combat racism or hate on my own?

Ask yourself in every tough or scary situation, what would my heart do here? How can I act from a place of love now?

One of the re-occurring fears which has been coming up for my clients is Fear of the Unknown. Often when we feel this fear, we look for ways to cling to the past or to bond with what we know. It hinders our own growth.

The truth of the matter is that this pandemic is changing life as we know it forever. There are a lot of things that may never be the same again, which can create positive change like we have seen this week and also a feeling of loss.

I would like to invite you to become more aware of your own heart’s reaction to everything that is happening in your life.

One of my clients was feeling fearful of runners passing too close for comfort on the reservoir path in the park. Whenever she spoke up and asked nicely for them to keep their distance, she got a lot of nasty replies back, “F-you, Lady!” Amazing, but not so crazy to imagine. Be honest, when someone asks you to do something differently, what is your first reaction? 

When I asked her to tap into her heart and ask for wisdom on a better way to handle this situation, she came up with a more effective plan. When she heard a runner coming, she stepped aside on the path, faced the runner and gave them a thumbs up, physically saying, I respect your space; we are in this together! The reaction she now received was much different, 80% of the runners thanked her, gave thumbs up and smiles back!

Her heart’s solution was way more effective!

To help you connect to the wisdom of your heart, I have created an energy clearing routine for you below. And a meditation you can do before bed.

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