How This Confidence Booster Helped Me Follow My Intuition And Overcome A Scary Situation



A couple weeks ago, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. 

Besides this feeling like a health failure, it was also terrifying, because I have never been comfortable with needles. This whole situation was causing me anxiety and insomnia, which is rare for me.

Thankfully my sweet husband was kind enough to give me my shot at the end of the day.

But when my endocrinologist wasn’t satisfied with my numbers and wanted to put me on fast acting pre-meal insulin, it didn’t sit well with me because this would mean:

  • having to give myself a shot before every meal, 
  • potential scary symptoms if the insulin was too high, and 
  • something about this proposed insulin increase didn’t feel right. 

When I tapped into my gut and muscle tested if I needed an insulin increase, I got a big, “No! You don’t need this.”

I knew something was off, so I started testing my blood sugar on both hands and got readings that were sometimes 20 degrees off. Before I was going to add in more insulin, I needed to make sure the Blood Sugar Data was accurate.

I got a new monitor suggested by my endocrinologist and the reading from that was 10-20 degrees off from the previous monitor I had been using.

To be sure this new monitor was giving the most accurate readings, my endocrinologist tested my blood at the same time we retested it with both monitors. 

The new monitor’s reading matched up with the lab’s findings, and the new monitor’s readings over the next week proved—-I did not need more insulin. All the data upon which my doc was basing my need for pre-meal insulin were inaccurate!

I knew it!

Every time I thought about this mishap, I got both angry and frustrated. When I muscle tested, I found I was being overly competitive with myself, judging my ability to heal my body and being super critical of my endocrinologist.

So, I cleared my frustration and anger about all this with a third chakra exercise (which has to do with perceived identity) and this mantra–“I know I excel.”

Having this discord between my own intuition and my doctor’s recommendations was what was really causing me stress and sleeplessness.

After I cleared my upset, I regained my perspective. I realized I had no business being critical of myself because this is a common occurrence caused not by my own inability to manage my blood sugar but by fast growth of the baby. I also had no business being angry at my doctor, as she was just trying to look out for me and my baby and make sure my blood sugar was at a safe level. She had no idea the meter was giving faulty readings.

Instead of wasting energy being angry, I chose to pat myself on the back and praise my intuition for protecting me and the baby: 

“Thank goodness I had the confidence to question the data and doctor’s recommendation!

I am good at knowing my own body and 

I can trust my intuition.

And, I can stand up for myself.”

I needed to clear my self-doubt in order to trust all this.

It can be tough to trust your inner guidance when something unexpected and upsetting occurs. Self-criticism can so easily creep up on you. 

I made it a point to repeat my mantra throughout my day to reinforce the positive effects of my clearing, and it helped me turn my upset into confidence in my inner knowing. 

It was so effective, I was inspired to create a new Mirror Message you and I could both do every time we wash our hands to help wash any self-doubt or criticism out of our heads, as we wash germs off our hands!

I don’t think you/we hear this enough.

Please rate how you feel before and after you do this and share this with anyone you think could benefit.

And–you can download the Mirror Message here so you can tape it to your mirror and get the benefit of this confidence boost throughout your day.



8 Replies to “How This Confidence Booster Helped Me Follow My Intuition And Overcome A Scary Situation”

  1. Love this. Thanks Lara! Went from a 5 to a 7 and felt very smiley and a bit giddy.

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      Yay! I am so glad to hear that!!

  2. Wow! Went from a 3 to a 7! I’m amazed! I was just thinking I would go back to bed because I was feeling so heavy in the heart. After listening to this, I’m noticing the sunshine outside and thinking I may take a walk!
    Thank you again Lara! xo

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      I’m so glad it could help!!

  3. I went from a three to a seven and felt changed from the inside out — happiness percolated up and out. Thank you, Lara! xoxo

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      You’re so welcome, Sara!!

  4. From a 5 to a 6, which is just enough to motivate me to get going 😀 Thank you, Lara! The practices you teach help me feel better DAILY.

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      I’m so happy to hear that, Katie! That is what we want. Little by little, feel better each day!

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