How You Can Alleviate Tension, Re-energize and Balance Your Body After Sitting in Front of the Computer All Day



Is your extra computer time scrambling your brain and fatiguing your body? 

If you are like me and most of my clients, you are likely spending way more time in front of the computer right now.

Have you noticed you’re more tired lately? 

Having trouble sleeping? 

Feeling more agitated mid-late afternoon? 

Getting headaches? Have neck, jaw, or upper back tension? 

Finding it takes a few readings to gain the meaning of something, having trouble with recall?

Having trouble expressing yourself easily?

These are some of the emotional, mental, and physical symptoms of screen time. 

Don’t worry, I am about to share some quick and easy exercises to help, and my clients report they can feel a definite difference before and after they do this.

To test how this affects your mental clarity before and after you do this please read the next paragraph out loud before you do the exercise below, and again, after. See how quickly you can read it as you read it out loud and how much you actually retain of the information being shared in it:

Sitting in front of a screen for more than an hour can cause stress to your system. Your body can have a physiological response to both the blue light being emitted from the screen and the electromagnetic frequencies coming from the computer. The regular mechanical waves emitted from the computer are different than the irregular waves of energy of which your body is made up. So, your body puts up a stress, defense mechanism when it has been exposed to this foreign energy. A Sympathetic Stress Response gets initiated–blood begins to move from the forebrain to the hindbrain and the limbs to power fight or escape. When this happens your ability to think clearly is inhibited and energy that could be going to digestion and immune functioning is taken to power this stress response. The exercises in this video, created by Donna Eden/Energy Medicine, help to train your body to better process the mechanical energy from your computer, so you and it can live in greater harmony together without it taxing your body.

Please read the above paragraph again after you do the exercise and see if it is easier to fully gain the meaning of what I just shared.

Download the free resource page here, that you can save it to the notes section of your phone to have these exercises at your fingertips whenever you feel like you are struggling to retain information or just feeling fatigued as you work.

Please re-read the paragraph above and see if it is an easier now to gain the information from this paragraph quickly and more easily than before.

If you feel a difference from this exercise, please share this link with anyone you think may benefit:

Much calm and energy, 


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