A Powerful New Moon Ritual for you to do Tonight!



From ForeverConscious.com:

“The first New Moon of the year is making an impact–Falling in the sign of Aquarius on January 24th, this New Moon may bring abrupt change or a sense of unease that we are likely to have felt brewing this week leading up to it.

This is because just a few days before, on January 22nd, the Sun and Uranus got into a tense alignment known as a square, which is then further triggered on the New Moon.

Uranus is ruled by Aquarius and is the planet of change and awakening, but the changes we feel on this New Moon are more likely to be emotional ones.”

As I always say, upset is access and any emotional upheaval you may be feeling as a result of the cosmic events of the week are an opportunity to gain new insights into what your heart truly desires.

You would change nothing for the better unless you were uncomfortable. Any upsetting emotions you are feeling–anxiety, anger, frustration, overwhelm, guilt, and sadness–are all helpful signs from your body that something happening in your life is NOT in alignment with your heart’s desires. Consistently ignoring these signs and subjugating these emotions can cause your body to express them in more intense, nagging ways like pain or dis-ease. So, it is very important to listen to what your body and emotions are trying to tell you now, before your body feels it needs to express its discontent in a more extreme way.

Tonight, I invite you to use the power of this Aquarius New Moon and feel into what your emotions are trying to teach you–How to tap into the abundance of love and energy present in your own heart and allow it to guide you.

New Moon Heart Opening Ritual

1. Hold your forehead as you tap your Heart Chakra and repeat the phrase below out loud or in your head 11 times:

“I know who I am and my extraordinary capabilities when I love and take care of myself.”

2. Then sit down and have this conversation with your heart. Please write this down in a journal or on a piece of paper:

Dearest Heart,

Thank you for knowing and alerting me to what I need to make me feel safe, free, and happy.

Thank you for showing me how I can do this every day.

3. Tap into your heart, and ask it these questions:

My heart feels most filled when I ____________________________. 

My heart wants me to know _______________________________.

My heart hurts when I ________________________________.

My heart feels cared for when I ________________________________.

The easiest thing I can do to nurture my heart every day is 


The ideal time to do this is tonight, but anytime this weekend will be beneficial if you miss it tonight. 

So much love,


2 Replies to “A Powerful New Moon Ritual for you to do Tonight!”

  1. How perfect. Such unease this last week with fitful dreams and daytime anxiety. Thank you , Lara, to help me be ❤️ heart-centered, and be still and quiet to hear what it needs most to be nurtured. Much love to you💗

  2. Thank you Lara for this beautiful ritual, my heart feels light now.

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