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We were sitting at the dinner table, the four of us, my mother and father across from one another at the head of the table and my brother and I facing one another. My father passionately raised the question, “But how is she going to support herself as a dancer? Why can’t she just become an accountant?! She will always have a job and be safe as an accountant.

I HATE dealing with numbers. Math was my worst subject. I would’ve been MISERABLE as an accountant!

Thank God, my mother fired back and stuck to her guns for us. In a slow, measured voice, looking dead into my father’s eyes she said, “I am going to encourage her, both of them, to pursue what they love. If they do something they love, they will be wealthy in more ways than one!”

They fought about this several times, but they both drove me to and from my dance classes after school and came to every performance throughout high school and after, when my dance company had their NY Season. Both of them would wait by the stage door beaming after the performance, proud to have seen their daughter on stage.

My father didn’t want to squelch my dreams, he just wanted to make sure I would be financially secure. He was the first in his family to go to college and got his engineering degree from Johns Hopkins going to night school as he worked during the day. Getting a BFA in Dance with the goal of joining a touring dance troupe was not his idea of a viable career path.

Little did he or I know what I would actually wind up doing for a living.

My heart knew.

My heart led me from feeling the elation I felt both performing and watching dance to feeling the excitement of helping my injured fitness training clients move freely again, to now feeling the exhilaration of helping my clients overcome the emotional blocks to having what they want.

Just yesterday, I was touched to tears when one of my clients shared how both his hip and his heart had opened up after a deep healing session in which we released emotional memories from childhood abuse. He was able to run pain free to catch a bus after having suffered for years with hip pain and has been recognizing dreams he wants to pursue after squelching them down inside himself.

Every day I am grateful that my mom fought for us and encouraged my brother and me to do and to be what we loved.

The anniversary of my mother’s passing was last week. On her last lucid day four years ago, I asked her if she had any words of wisdom she wanted me to pass on to her granddaughters, my little nieces.

She pointed to the pictures of them we had printed out and stuck to her IV pole and said, “You have to let people be who they are.”

I didn’t grow up thinking I wanted to be an energy healer, no one even knows what that is, really! I just followed my heart and studied what “wowed” me, as my mom and dad cheered me on.

Your advice worked, Mom!

Although my dad really doesn’t understand what I do, he reads and shares my blogs with his friends. Never could I have imagined where I would be today, loving what I am doing and helping so many people all over the world.

In honor of my mom and the all-encompassing wisdom of your own heart, I invite you to stop and to listen more to its guidance. Let your heart guide you more.

When you are feeling upset, stressed or stuck, place your right hand on your heart, and tap the back of your hand under your middle and ring fingers, as you ask yourself one of the questions below. This can calm the Triple Warmer Meridian, which elicits a stress response and help you connect to your heart’s wisdom.

  • When you are feeling upset or overwhelmed, tap into your heart, and see what it needs. What could you give yourself that would help you calm down and get centered?
  • When something goes wrong, tap into your heart, as you think about all your options, and allow it to help you feel into what choices are the best for you. Rather than criticizing yourself for what you did or didn’t do to prevent this problem, ask your heart, “What can I do to help myself through this? From whom or where can I get help, support or guidance?”
  • When you feel stuck, tap into your heart, and see how you could take inspired action versus feeling bogged down by expectations. How could you find inspiration to fuel your efforts? 

When a friend was feeling stuck and procrastinating on writing the first chapter of her book for her publisher, I suggested she read some of her program success stories to get her in touch with her heart’s motivation for writing the book.

When I feel stuck about what to write about in my blogs, I go for a walk by the River or take a bike ride in the park, because being in nature always inspires me. It’s where most of my ideas come to me.

Last blog, I wrote about the shift from 3rd Dimension to 5D Consciousness. This is how you get there, how you move from living a life that feels required by your internal expectations for yourself, by your family commitments, by your social obligations, and by what the outside world asserts you “should” do. You can live a life that is inspired by your heart’s desires!

Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.

– Rumi

You achieve 5D Level Consciousness by following your heart. Please share this blog with anyone you feel could use some of my mom’s cheerleading and support!

It’s a wonder! Somehow my mom knew the way all along 😉 

So much love, 


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