5 Signs You Are Experiencing The Shift Into The 5th Dimension Frequency



We moved into the Fifth Dimension Frequency last month in NYC, and all over the world, people are beginning to feel the shift where they live, too.

Maybe you are feeling it, too?

You may be experiencing this shift in energy if you …..

  1. Have felt as if time has sped up and slowed down at the same time. There is more happening in the space of a day, yet the days and weeks feel longer. And, things that have been on hold, may be now coming through quickly.
  2. You suddenly feel as though you can no longer tolerate something you have resisted changing in your life. You may feel as though you no longer have a choice. You have to focus on changing something you have been procrastinating on for years. 
  3. You feel like something is different, something has lifted or shifted but you can’t quite articulate what has changed. Things may feel clearer in your mind. You may feel more peaceful, grounded or self-assured. While your life may not be that different, the way you are reacting to it may have changed.
  4. Life has been bringing you lesson after lesson. Maybe you have experienced a lot of upsets that have agitated change or you are healing through a health crisis? As I always say, we would change nothing if everything were perfect. Upset creates access to growth if you are willing to see how your life is out of alignment with your heart’s desires and be willing to change. This is how we grow.
  5. You are seeing the humanity in your fellow man. It may be easier to see other people’s points of view if they are different from your own. You are noticing the person who is serving you coffee versus being in your own world. When you are disappointed by another, it may be easier to have compassion and to forgive.

If any of this is resonating, you have noticed the shift into 5th Dimension Frequency.

 What does this mean?

All my clients with whom I shared this realization asked this question, and it has taken me over a month to attempt to write up an explanation that would make decent sense of what I have been feeling and witnessing in my own life and the lives of my clients. My apologies, this is a longer post but an important shift of which I invite you to take the time to be aware.

Most of what is being written about this shift into 5D is being described as a shift into Higher Consciousness.

What is Higher Consciousness?

My understanding is that there are 3 forms of consciousness:

  • Unconscious: Life is happening to you and you are reacting habitually, without thought. You are unaware of why you did what you did or the impact to yourself or others because it was a knee jerk reaction based on past experiences. 
  • Conscious: Life is happening by you. You are present to what is happening in the moment, and you can make thoughtful choices about what you want to do or say next. 
  • Higher Conscious: Life is you. You are one with life, which is made up of all of humanity, and you are co-creating together what comes next.

I know! What the heck does that mean?

Oneness is an important concept to understand and ultimately necessary to embody higher consciousness, health, and happiness. It is the perspective available to you when your Root and Crown Chakras are balanced.

But, what the heck does Oneness mean and feel like? How do you realistically achieve it?

Over the past month, I have been researching online to see if any of my spiritual teachers had a simple, realistic explanation of this state of being, as I have always found it difficult to describe.

This morning, my dog gave me the answer. 

I woke up anxious, stressed because I still hadn’t finished this blog, and I had only two hours before I started with clients to finish it, so it would be ready to release this week. I felt the time pressure heavy on my heart. “How was I going to get this done now with this mounting anxiety?” My own words echoed in my head, “Upset is Access; lean into the upset.” 

So, I focused on the pressure and tension I was feeling in my heart, and then my sweet dog gave me the answer! He actually got up from beside me, and rested his head right on my heart. And, I got my answer! Love! It’s love!!! It’s that simple! It’s love!!!

The anxiety in my chest immediately lifted!

Love heals everything! It calms fears, makes difficult situations easier, mends rifts between people.

But wait, is it really that simple? Are people going to just glaze over when they read this Hallmark explanation? While we see a lot of curated “love” on TV, making love a practice and state of being takes focus and a higher level of consciousness.

Life, social, family pressures and anxieties have a tendency to pull us away from higher levels of consciousness and 5D being because they put us in a fear state.

Luckily, my pup was able to bring me back to it again.

As I got back into my head and began to question the answer, the anxiety in my chest began to rise again. My pup got up to reposition himself and now put his paw on my chest, and then rested his head down next to it over my heart again, as if to point out, “The answer is in your heart!”

I was amazed! And in that moment, I realized, my pup helped me raise my consciousness and shift from 3D into 5D Frequency!

This shift from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimension Frequency has been likened to the difference between the principles inherent in the 3rd chakra versus the 4th and 5th chakras. 

The third chakra is about personal power and identity; how we see ourselves in the world. As humans, we mostly measure this by comparing ourselves to social norms. We see ourselves as operating within lines of what is right or wrong, normal or aberrant behavior. 

And, my struggle over this blog is a perfect example of this. I was looking for the “right” answer and a scientific explanation to give you social proof of this phenomenon. I was limiting what I wanted to share for fear that it would read too “woo woo” but I was committed to explaining this because I feel it is important to understand what is happening with this shift. Each of you getting this can have an impact on our world.

Our global society right now is rather fixated on this 3rd Chakra and a 3rd Dimension perspective. Political extremism is driving terrorist activity and affecting our law-makers’ ability to legislate. 

With the rapid rise of technology and all the new demands it brings, people are feeling out of control. When people feel out of control, they turn toward what they know and try to find solace in it. Finding people with whom you can agree, and with whom you can bond is a way to feel safe in this rapidly changing world where technology is wiping out full industries, and changing life as we know very quickly.

For years now, I have wondered, why is extremism being proliferated all over the world?

After watching a documentary on Facebook, I got at least part of the answer: people are being affected emotionally on a daily basis by messages coming through, perceived trustworthy “friend” sources, about what is happening in the world. And, as my blog last week pointed out, “What happens on social media isn’t real!” It’s all content generated to make you look at it and to engage with it.

Ultimately, it is everyone’s personal advertisement for their post. And the algorithms are set to drive you to where most people are looking. People are looking at and liking the most eye catching or emotionally driving posts, and this can be good and bad. What catches our attention and activates us emotionally can be inspiring or ignite fear, jealousy, and anger.

Being in a state of fear, jealousy or anger limits your ability to see possibility, new ideas, other options. Hormones released in a fear state drive you to look for safety and control. Blood rushes from your head to your limbs to power fight or flight. You are now in “Do or die” mode with fewer options. This is why I coach people to notice and to release these feelings, so they can get clarity on what their heart wants and open up new possibilities.

Fear limits the amount of energy, emotions, ideas you can hold and process at one time; it lowers your frequency.

Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time. When something is carrying a higher frequency, this means that it is expressing a greater amount of energy in a given amount of time.

When you are feeling good, in a relaxed and happy state, you are able to process more energy, emotions, ideas and bigger picture concepts, as these are just forms of energy.

Think about it–when you are feeling loved or loving someone or something, isn’t it easier to handle more? When you want to do something for someone you love, it is easier than doing something you feel obligated to do. When you are passionate about something, taking action feels inspired and easy, right?

When my pup, Chulo, helped me tap into my heart chakra, he opened my ability to not only receive love, but also to trust the 5th Dimension concepts of Oneness that I have been experiencing and I am sharing with you today without fear and worry.

Being able to freely give and receive love is the function of a balanced 4th/heart chakra. And, a balanced 5th, Throat Chakra, helps you express this love, which I am attempting to do via this blog, lol!

I couldn’t find anyone talking about how to measure this frequency shift into 5D from an environmental standpoint, but I hope I just gave you an idea of how we can embody it.

I invite you to question how these concepts in your own life.

  • Be aware of when you are reacting to fear or anxiety. Does it limit your ability to see the bigger picture?
  • When you hear about something disturbing on the news, do you look for opinions which support your reaction? Can you tap into your heart and choose a thought or action that is aligned more with love versus lack? Maybe you could do something nurturing for yourself when you are upset by a media event, verses turning to 
  • Ask yourself–how much love are you giving and receiving yourself each day? Does giving yourself more love increase your ability to feel clear and generate solutions? 

To help you start your day more aligned with 5D Frequency at a higher vibration place of love versus lack or fear, I have designed a simple and easy morning ritual for you.

I share it in the video below, and I have created a ritual resource page you can download for free to keep on your phone so you can take part in the ritual easily every day, and feel the energy, love and possibility available to you in 5D.

Please share this blog and resource with anyone you think may be experiencing this shift or could use some help making this shift. This awareness and the ability to tap into our love source and 5D consciousness can open us to new possibilities and potential alignments! My clients who are using these principles and practices are attracting long awaited opportunities into their lives in ways they NEVER could have imagined!

Download your 5D Morning Manifesting Ritual HERE!

Save these quick and easy exercises on your phone, so you can take part in this ritual easily every day, and feel the energy, love and possibility available to you in 5D!

You will also get weekly access to my blog with other free exercises and announcements to upcoming classes. You can unsubscribe at any time, and your email address is safe here. I have never and will never share it. Enjoy these exercises, and feel free to email me any special requests for topics with which you would like support:) Much Love and Energy! Lara Powered by ConvertKit

A special thanks to my pup, Chulo, for being an extraordinary messenger of this important message.

With so much love, 


8 Replies to “5 Signs You Are Experiencing The Shift Into The 5th Dimension Frequency”

  1. Great article Lara! I’m about seventy miles north of you in the beautiful Hudson River Valley.
    I believe that we are being presented with a frequency that is uncomfortable for our bodies but is in fact closer to who/what we really are.
    What I am feeling now in terms of the sharpness, speed, and almost-giddiness of this frequency is reminiscent of what I felt during my (very brief) Near-Death-Like Experience.
    I feel it most strongly in the solar plexus and I’ve learned to sit with it and breathe into it. Leaning into it, one will find that you can actually normalize the sensation and allow yourself to become part of it.
    We here in the west are so groomed to process things through our heads, that I believe most people are at a disadvantage and are experiencing this new energy as unnecessarily negative.
    For the past several years I have felt very stuck and at times desperate for change. For the past two, it has been building up more and more. Anxiety and a pressing sensation of blocked forward-motion were very hard to contend with even with my Qi Gong and body-centered practices. On some level, I was resisting.
    All of this came to a crescendo in August when my home burned to the ground while my husband and I were out. We lost everything including our precious pets.
    Although I’m grieving my loss, I know that this is part of the bigger sea-change of energy that’s going on for everyone on this planet right now. Despite the devastation of my material world, I am strangely at peace.
    When one is stripped of everything known and comfortable; all that is familiar and ingrained, one achieves an unlooked-for clarity.
    I harken back to my NDE often these days because it was that experience that taught me that I am not a creature of form but a powerful energy using this form temporarily as we all are. There is great comfort in that for me because that formless state felt, ironically like sliding into my favorite, beaten-up old slippers – slippers that can’t burn. I am happy to embody a frequency that approaches that state!
    Due to a couple of profound childhood experiences, I’ve always been aware that there is more – that we are more.
    My dilemma now is that there are so few other people in my life that share this perspective or would even entertain it. Somehow, it has always been my lot to be surrounded by unswerving Newtonians.
    So many people I love are struggling and continuing to bang their heads against the materialism wall. Instead of changing perspective, they keep trying to re-invent the old one. Even knowing that they will be fine in the end, I find it very hard to witness.

  2. Here’s how this energy is affecting my brain! I think (not entirely sure,) that I left the wrong email address with my post of five minutes ago! Whoops.

  3. Proof of the 5th dimension is actually quite simple to provide/show to others, despite it being outside the realm of space and time: simply tell yourself without speaking physically, “I am love”. You can hear it without having spoken or using your ears, no? Now picture yourself on top of the highest mountain with your eyes closed. You can see yourself there, no?

    These are a second set of senses that exist outside of the first three dimensions (physical realm) and even time (the 4th dimension). It’s not just proof of the 5th dimension, but proof that the “I am”, the soul, is eternal. That voice in your head is your true self and exists eternally outside of time. Your body is but a vessel for the physical realm and is not “you”.

  4. P.S.
    Please consider researching the power of future (it’s an audio series by a modern spiritual leader by the name of KRS ONE. I’m positive you will find it thrillingly enlightening and invaluable. There is a condensed 36 min version that’s easy to find and worth every second! It’s one of the best examples of metaphysical philosophy I can think of to help aid you in your quest to help others!

    Peace. Love. Kindness. One.

  5. I was reading this aloud to my daughter who is 13 and became so overwhelmed with emotion that my voice was quivering and I could barely hold in my tears. I really feel like I needed to read this article.

    I was feeling very connected to the world around me until recently when the doctor found complex precancerous polyps in my uterus and since then I haven’t been able to think clearly because of my fear and anxiety. It is very hard to overcome, and I’m having such a hard time doing so. I feel like I cant think straight lately and dont feel good at all. I’m going to try to remember what you said every day when I feel afraid.

    Last night as i was trying to sleep i was thinking about how when i do all things out of love, even my thoughts towards people things are better for me. Even if i dislike someone, not se doing them negative energies but just keeping positive and focusing my energies into more positive things and feeling one with the earth and myself, everything around me is much more peaceful. It feels when you send negativity you receive it back almost as to sending positivity and receiving that, it almost feels as though you curse yourself while cursing others. So I’ve been thinking a lot about that and wanting to do all things out of pure love and positive energies.

    Thank you for reminding me and for this article.

    1. I’m so glad it could help, Leslie. I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Do your best to take care of your mind and your body during this stressful time. Just taking 5-10 min/day to calm your body and mind can make a world of a difference, especially where healing is concerned. <3

  6. Loved this and can relate so much! This was the best explanation of what I’m experiencing thank you so much for the DETAILED explanation. It was very reassuring!

    1. You’re so welcome!

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