How To Bring The Good Fortune of The Year of The Pig Into Your Life!


Year of Pig

Wondering if you felt the big shift in energy on Tuesday?

It was the start of The Chinese New Lunar Year and apparently the end to a tough astrological period involving Mars and Aries that lasted from December 19th– February 5th.

It felt as if a huge heaviness had been lifted to me and to many of my clients.

The year of the loyal, yet territorial dog has been replaced by the industrious, but decadent pig! Yay!!!!!

Rather than focusing on the need to protect what we have, it’s time to feed our industrious natures with the goodness we want to manifest.

Pay attention to what makes you feel good; feed your passion and fuel your mojo!

What tastes good? What touches, moves and inspires you?

Take time out to feed your body with warm nourishing foods.

Feed your soul with great books, inspiring movies, and music that moves you!

As you feel good, you will attract good people and positive opportunities to help you.

Watch for synchrotastic occurrences.

They are happening already 😉 

Much love and abundance!


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