Ever Say Yes When You Want To Say No?



Do you over give, over do, and over FEEL? Isn’t it exhausting?!

Do you often say yes when you want to say no?

Do you want to be on your way to honoring your “No” with less fear, guilt or anxiety?

Most of us, especially women, were taught to be nice – and saying no can make you fear you’re being mean or selfish. But if you want to have successful relationships, saying NO is a part of drawing healthy boundaries and being authentic.

Fear not…help is here!

Join me and my favorite boundary and relationship expert, Terri Cole, for a chat about Big Beautiful Boundaries!

In this chat we discuss:

  • Why it’s so important to feel free to set boundaries in your relationships
  • How being unable to set boundaries can effect your health and the authenticity of your relationships
  • How to set a boundary with a new offender
  • How to set a boundary with a repeat offender
  • Why it’s not mean, but your human right to say, “No.”
Click below to watch our chat, and to get the inspiration and the language to set Big Beautiful Boundaries!

No one is served when you do anything out of guilt!

The authenticity of your relationships to the people you love and to yourself depend on this!
And, you can get access to Terri’s free Big Beautiful Boundary Challenge HERE!
So Much Love,

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