Unique Gifts! A Few of My Favorite Things! 


 Unique Gifts! A Few of My Favorite Things! 
I wanted to share some of my favorite things with you! (And FYI – I don’t make any money on these, just sharing some stuff I LOVE!)
If you are stumped on a gift or want to add some special stocking stuffers, check out the list below. You could always get yourself something, too! 😉
1) I am totally inspired by this book about Kitchen Creativity by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. It is like my favorite TV show, Chef’s Table, except it’s in a beautiful book you can explore at your leisure. It’s filled with stimulating conversation about what drives top chefs to create, brilliant quotes, gorgeous pictures, and tips on how to create your own memorable dishes. I am not a huge cook and I am loving it!

2) AstroTwins Astrological 2018 Planner – The AstroTwins are my go-to gals for all things astrology and this Planner is a unique gift that I just bought myself. Hee Hee! Yes! I wanted to know how the stars and planets might impact my love life, money, and career next year. I usually see how my client’s bodies are being affected by big astrologic events after-the-fact and now I can be ready for them ahead of time!

3) I also found this super cute and stylish sweatshirt by Rotita on their site, too! It’s now my favorite! It comes from London, so don’t wait to order this one.
4) Tangle Teezer – It may look like just a brush, but it is life changing! It untangles wet and dry hair with total ease. My little nieces would argue with their mom every time she went to brush their hair, and they now love to do it themselves thanks to Auntie Lara 😉
5) Truffle Salt – Ahhhh! This is such a great gift as it makes so many foods taste even better. I love it on popcorn, steak, and eggs! And, it makes a simple spinach salad absolutely magnificent! One of my favorite things to give along with recipes on how I use it 😉
6) Shalina Vadhera’s Beauty Box – This is the gift that keeps on giving! Experience the world of beauty by getting exclusive beauty secrets and must-have items from around the globe delivered to your door every three months. This is SUCH a unique gift for the beauty lover in your life! Sign them up for a subscription so they can celebrate all year long!
7) Julie Santiago’s SHINE Card Deck – This is an AWESOME deck of 54 affirmation cards that is sure to brighten anyone’s day! The cards are big and beautifully designed with gold accenting every powerful message.
8) Your favorite foods – My father and brother LOVE NYC delicacies like bagels and Katz Pastrami Sandwiches, and it’s such a fun gift for them to receive these specialities that also remind them of good times spent in NYC together. My cousin is obsessed with Levain Bakery Cookies, which are my FAVORITE! Look at the size of them!
9) Burt’s Bee’s Tinted Lip Balm – This tinted lip balm moisturizes and gives a little color, so your lips look naturally beautiful! I wear this instead of lipstick most days because it gives a little color and feels great on my lips! Red Dahlia is my favorite color!
10) Diptyque Candles – Diptyque candles are amazing! It’s the one cancel candle that my husband and I both love! They use pure essential oil’s in their candles and transform your home via scent.
I hope this was helpful for you in your quest to find some unique gifts for your friends and family!
Happy Holidays!


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