How to Use The Game Changing Energy of The Super Moon and Meddling Mercury 


While December is sometimes seen as a time to tie up all that has happened this year and to relax hanging with friends over the holiday, the energies present over the next couple weeks could feel more like a shake-up versus a culmination.
The Super Moon in Gemini last night is shining light on our duality.  While the sun has just moved in from freedom seeking Sagittarius.
For so many of you this year has been one of forging new freedom and growth, releasing the old and welcoming in new possibilities.  With the new desire to change and your innate resistance to it, it’s easy to feel divided inside.  One side of you is excited about moving forward into a new future while the other is digging your heels into the ground trying to keep you safe in the familiar.
Becoming aware of and creating peace between these two voices can help you more easily create change to grow.
With Mercury Retrograde, be aware! Communication, transportation, and technology distress could create upsets which push just this – growth!
So, I invite you to:
 1) See upsets over the next few weeks as an opportunity.  What is this upsetting scenario showing you?  How could this upset spark change?  What about your life or business could change to keep this from happening again?  What is your reaction showing you? Lean into it 😉

2) Listen to both sides of yourself – the side that is excited to move forward and grow as well as the side that is afraid.

Your ability to manifest what you want depends on how you feel about it; if you are experiencing conflicting emotions, the Universe is going to have trouble interpreting and meeting your desires.
Stop right now, and complete this phrase:
“I really want to _________, but I fear__________________.” 
Now, try this quick energy exercise to help you find peace and unity between the two personalities inside you.  The one you see in your future and the one stuck in your past can meet right now here, in your present. 😉

To Unity and Freedom!


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