Yo! We Going Retro!!!!



This past week, I slipped into an old pattern that I thought I had overcome and paid the price.

Several of my clients also slipped backward this week. It was like The Universe was sending lessons, a final reminder to not look back and to continue to move forward no matter how comfortable the old ways may have been in the past, they are now NOT working!

And, then I looked at the calendar and guess what happened yesterday?! Mercury went retro! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are in another retrograde, but you may have already been feeling the pre-phases of it like us. The pre-shadow began two weeks ago.

I’ve been enjoying taking out more time to take care of myself and enjoy my family and friends. Then, last week, my husband was away, and I used this as an excuse to fall back into my old pattern and overbook myself. I was exhausted, had no time to work out or tidy my apt. My back and neck seized up, and I got really short tempered with my well-meaning brother on the phone one night. My body and temper were telling me, “Enough of this already, I just don’t want to live this way anymore! Don’t go backward!”

The contrast between where I have been of late, more satisfied with better work/life balance and where I was a year ago, in overwork mode, was too dramatic.

This was a warning not to go back and to take the time to make choices that support how I want to live in greater balance now.

If you have been feeling some old, outgrown feeling or pattern come up of late, you are not alone, and it could be The Universe’s way of nudging you forward.

Mercury is Retrograde August 13-Sept 5th with the post shadow lasting through Sept 19th. So, the way I see it, you/ we have approximately five weeks to utilize this powerful time to shed old patterns and upgrade your experience of your life.

Be aware of what you are feeling during this time, and ask yourself what your body or life circumstances are trying to tell you-

Are your actions and choices in alignment with what you really want?

Check in, and make sure your body feels good with your choices with no constriction of your throat or gut. If your throat feels tight, this may be your body’s way of telling you that you may not be expressing something important. If your stomach or gut is constricted, you may not be honoring something you want by making this decision.

See if you can connect your head with your body and your heart and be more conscious of just what you are choosing for yourself and your future in each moment. Because you can have more of what you want in your life, you just need to stay focused on having it;)

Cheers to having a life you love!




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