Holy Allergies! How to Better Control the 4 Factors that Affect Your Health, Energy and and Well Being



I was so tired a week ago. It was super humid in NY, and I felt totally wiped out, and the cough I had from my pollen allergy was activated again!!!! Ugh!  I thought I had beat it.

I had been taking my supplements, and it had gotten better, virtually disappeared, so what happened?

And, why are some of my clients suffering from allergies and others, not at all?

Some of it is predisposition, and some of it is the cumulation of many different stress factors.

See, what I didn’t tell you is that I moved apartments the weekend before. We moved to an apt with a better lay out and view in our building, a great move, but a move non-the-less. Despite the fact that we hired movers,  it was complete with lots of bending over, lifting things, inhaling dust, eating fast food and the emotional stress of feeling unsettled and not knowing where anything was for a few days.

Allergies, just like viruses, tend to affect you more If your body is already taxed by unperceived stressors. You just get more watery eyes or an itchy throat like me, or if you were exposed to a virus, a cold if your body’s resistance is down.

And, your body’s resistance might be down because you were just living your life a bit too intensely. You may not connect the fact that your body was tired because it was trying to heal after you went all out in a boxing class and were sore afterward, then ate pesticides on the salad you had out with a friend, got some stressful news at work and had trouble getting to sleep.

These are all natural things that happen in your modern day life, and if your body encountered just one of those stressors, your immune system could probably have beat the cold or not had as intense of an allergic reaction, but the combo had your body working overtime and weakened your defense.

How much mechanical, chemical, environmental and emotional stress you encounter and how your body handles it determines whether you feel itchy, tired or get sick.

If I had rested more and put off some of the unpacking, I probably wouldn’t have felt so wiped.

In your modern day life,  mechanical stress generally comes in the form of activity that is outside of your normal scope, like my unpacking. When you do an activity you are not used to doing, if you do it for too long a period or too vigorously you can make yourself sore and injure tissue. If you are sore after exercise, you have actually injured tissue and started an immune response.  You have created tiny little tears in your muscles, which your body has to take energy and time to heal.  So it is important to exercise at a pace, and an intensity your body can handle.  You know you have done too much if you feel tired or sore after your workout.

Eating chemicals like pesticides on veggies, hormones in meats and mercury in fish taxes your digestive and immune systems because it takes extra energy for your body to remove those toxins from your system. The food we ordered in probably had a combo of all these.

And, emotional stress puts you into a Sympathetic Nervous System Response or Fight/Flight Mode, which takes energy and resources from your immune and digestive system to fuel your potential escape or fight, releasing stress hormones and making it difficult to relax, sleep and restore and repair. Even if it’s an upgrade – moving apartments is just stressful.

So the virus can grow, and the allergies affect you more because your body’s immune system is already working overtime on other issues.

You can take control in two ways:


#1 Control your mechanical, chemical, environmental and emotional stress by —

  • Limiting your consumption of toxic pesticides, hormones, and other foods to which your body is sensitive. (most common food sensitivities- wheat, dairy, sugar) Start noticing how you feel after you eat. If you feel sluggish, foggy headed or bloated after you eat, you could have a sensitivity to the type of food you are eating or how it was processed.
  • Being aware of the amount and intensity of physical activity. Taking it little by little and micro progressing physical training.

You know you have done too much if you feel tired or sore after your workout.

  • Managing emotional stress with the exercises I teach.
  • Managing your exposure to electromagnetic frequencies like cell phones and wifi by not wearing an IWatch, keeping your cell phone away from your body most of the time (which means out of your pocket and away from your bed at night)

Since you can’t always control the above factors, this second step is REALLY IMPORTANT!


#2 DO ENERGY WORK–Strengthening your body in the face of all of these stressors, so your body can better handle them is possible with the energy exercises I teach.  

Why wait for your body to be in crisis to start giving your body the strength it needs to overcome everyday toxicity now!

The exercises I teach in this video got me over my allergic response and re-energized!

Try them and let me know what you think;) 

Energy work came through for me again!

Try these and enjoy the extra calm and energy they give!!

Much energy and joy!!!!



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