The Joys of Italy!!



The Joys of Italy!!


Well, of course, the food!!!


It’s so fresh.  The farming practices have been passed down from generations which give them a commitment to growing the best natural food.  Most farmers are non-GMO.


You can taste the unadulterated sweetness of the tomatoes, lemons and onions here. Nothing in the US compares.



Excited by all the amazing tastes and flavors, my husband and I always try to eat three meals here and usually end up feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. We are the Americans overdoing it, lol!


The waiters that know us in our favorite Capri restaurants now stop us, saying, “Just get this; otherwise, too much food!”



The food is made without preservatives too, so you buy only what you are going to eat today and the next.


There is value in taking advantage of the present and having the best and doing the best in the moment. Even when the Italians are frustrated by something, they pride themselves on having heart and being gracious. It’s their beautiful way.



They invest in quality and spend their money buying high-quality furniture, sheets and clothing that lasts. While they may only have a few pieces in their closet, they are beautifully made.


Quality versus Quantity.


At the start of the new year, I cleaned out my closets and got rid of 6 huge big trash bags of clothing; I am ashamed to say, quite a few pieces never worn, with tags still on them. One of the images in my Vision Board was a sparse and well-organized closet. Having less and choosing what I have with care is how I want to live.


As I enjoy our last days in Italy, I am pondering how to do less and enjoy more.


How to buy less, hold onto less and enjoy people, places and things more often???


How can you take time out and savor something you enjoy today?  Make the choice to do less and enjoy something, an interaction, a coffee, a view even more?



Carp Diem!





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