You don’t have to work so hard!



You don’t have to work so hard! 


One of my favorite Type-A clients came in very agitated last week. She is very successful in her career because she is smart and knows how to get things done!


She has been wanting to attract a husband and has been doing the manifesting exercises to attract him. She has put pictures of intimate exchanges with men on her vision board, and she has been putting herself out there by going to different wellness events because a trusted psychic told her she was going to meet her husband at such a gathering.

But when she showed up to her session this week she was frustrated.  She shared, I don’t want to work this hard to find a man.”


I giggled and said, “You don’t have to, in fact, if you feel that this is hard, you are attracting difficulty, not him, lol!” 


Remember, The Law of Attraction works with feelings, not words.  So while she wanted to attract love and partnership, what she was actually manifesting was difficulty and the fear of being alone.


When I asked her if she enjoyed going to the wellness events, she said, “Not really, no.” Just because people are telling you something is good for you, it may not be right for you when you actually try it. 


How do you know if something is good for you? 





Doing something you think you “should” do but don’t really want to do is never in alignment with your soul’s purpose.


If it doesn’t feel good, it’s not going to attract goodness for you. And that doesn’t mean these wellness events she was attending were bad; it just means, they weren’t working for her at this time in her life.


So I asked her what wellness activities she has done in the past that she really loves.


She started beaming as she told me about this awesome yoga class.  I pointed out “

That’s it! Find a yoga class where men take the class! And only go to events and classes that you enjoy, that light you up and inspire you!”


When you do what you love, you are loving yourself, feeling love and thus attracting it!!!


I have shared with you that the summer before I met my husband I made an effort to date myself.  I took myself on day trips and out to lunches and dinners that I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked being with myself and got that, “Wow, I am a pretty cool person to hang out with;)”


And in November of that same year, I met my husband who likes to do a lot of the same things I did with myself that summer.


So if you are looking for a fulfilling relationship or even if you just want to create more abundance or fulfilment in your life, try taking yourself on a date!


It’s a fun way to use The Law of Attraction to feel what it would be like to do things on dates with a partner, and what it feels like to give yourself more abundance in your life.   It also keeps you aware of how much fun it is to be with you and builds self-love, worth and confidence.


This helps when you start dating someone.


If you find you have more fun on dates with yourself versus the person you are with, it’s time to move on!


To promoting love with love and fun!






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