An Inspired Energy Boost!



An Inspired Energy Boost!

My apologies, I haven’t written since last week because I have been busy with the start of the Vision Board Class. I wanted to share this new isolated Chakra Capacity Expanding Exercise that I shared with the class because I have been getting such amazing feedback on it!

“This exercise has really calmed my fight or flight response! It’s a great way to start the day with ease instead of worry.
– Cynette

Since the election, when many of my clients were coming in feeling devastated and in despair, the Chakra clearing that their bodies needed was,

“I Am One With All That Is.”

Same concept and spiritual power as, the Star Wars mantra,

“I am one with the Force. The Force is with me,”

With all the changes occurring, I wanted to give you access to Force/Source in this exercise, so you can begin to energetically co-create a reality with The Universe that feels good and that serves us all.

As I always say, “Upset is Access” to new understanding and growth, if you are willing to look at it in a new way. No one changes anything without disappointment in the way things are. This election has just magnified a divide that has been there all along that clearly is ripe for healing.

I am choosing to try to see how, “We are more alike than unalike.” (Maya Angelou)

Join me and feel the power of The Force!

Chakra Capacity Expanding Exercise- The Force is With You from Lara Licharowicz on Vimeo.

May The Force Be With You,


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