Let’s talk about sex, shall we?



Let’s talk about sex, shall we? Cause let’s face it, very few people add sexual images to their vision board, but often we are in total lack of great, sensual and sexual energy.

Personally, I find it’s best when it’s not rushed, and when there is lots of foreplay.

Great conversation over a fabulous dinner with the touch of hands across the table leading to a tender turned passionate kiss outside the restaurant, a hot but still respectable make-out session in the back of a taxi on the way home.

Some of the most exciting moments of a relationship are about allowing yourself to get turned on and exploring your passion with limitations.

I remember feeling empty and alone the day after sex happened too quickly when I was single. Having that level of physical intimacy before there was an equal level of emotional intimacy and trust left me feeling off balance and anxious the next day.

I made a conscious choice to wait longer with the man who became my husband. After being wined, dined, charmed and properly kissed, it was tough not letting him sweep me off my feet. Oh how he tried to get me to come back to his apt, lol! Somewhere in my gut I knew he could be it, the one for me, and I wasn’t going to blow it. If I slept with him before he really knew me, he wouldn’t respect or value me.

Over three and a half months time (my record! lol!) we had a lot of fun and hot times together. When we both decided we wanted to be exclusive, he took me away for our first weekend together to a 5 star spa/resort an hour north. It was a perfect weekend all around, and because we waited, I felt totally comfortable with him afterward. I knew I could trust him, and he was committed to being in a relationship that could lead to marriage.

Getting to know someone takes time. Trust takes time. This goes for trusting another as well as yourself and your dreams.

We all want immediate gratification, myself included. We want to know we are enough. We want to do everything to make our fantasy a reality faster.

Rushing into something that you may or may not know is right for you long term is anxiety producing.

This goes for relationships as well as manifesting.
Lots of foreplay is healthy for both.

The Law of Attraction works, but it is dependent on believing with every part of your being that what you want is possible.

If you don’t have what you want now, it’s probably because you don’t quite think it’s possible on a physical or / and emotional subconscious level.

The Secret To Manifesting The Law Of Attraction is Learning How To Train Your Subconscious Mind And Condition Your Central Nervous System To Be Comfortable With Having The Relationship, Career, Body, And Bank Account You Desire!

And the best way to train your central nervous system to be comfortable having what you want is foreplay!!!!

Having hot and fun times with boundaries helps move things along at a safe and easy to handle pace.

Feeling the feelings associated with what you want happening on a daily basis, and having a Vision for it, help you slowly but surely get more comfortable having it, so you are less likely to give up on what you want and more likely to manifest it!!!!

Setting a new year goal then jumping into an expectation sets you up for disappointment and failure
because your central nervous system and body have not caught up to your mind.

Of the 317 million adults in the US only 1 in 2.2 make a New Year’s resolution. Of these 1 in 8 or 17.8 million will keep it for a year.
Huffington Post The Odds Of Actually Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Don’t be a part of this statistic.


So much love and abundance!!!!



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