Today Donald Trump becomes president.



Today Donald Trump becomes president.

While my heart sank, as I watched the news this morning, my husband was excited about the future.

Yes, I live with a Trump supporter, while I voted for Hillary.

And, I am not alone, I have a friend and respected energy practitioner who is in the same situation, her husband and his entire family voted for Trump.

Somehow, I think we are being called, all of us, to better understand the needs and motivations of the other side so that we can come together at some point.

As I shared in one of my last emails, the clearing that my private clients needed post-election was-

Crown/7th Chakra, which represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. And, the mantra that helps heal imbalances in the Crown Chakra-

“I am One With All That Is.”

In the Online Class About Manifesting I did Wednesday night, I went into a deeper explanation of how this thought is practically and spiritually possible and how our connection is the vehicle through which we manifest.

I also explained in depth how The Law of Attraction works with feelings not words, or thoughts.

And, how Upset can be access to new understanding and growth, if you are willing to look at it in a new way.

So today, I am leaning on these principles that I know to be true, recognising both my and the nation’s upset and seeing it as a possible catalyst for change and future unity.

There is possibility in change. No one changes anything without disappointment in the way things are. This election has just magnified a divide that has been there all along that clearly is ripe for healing.

And, I am choosing to try to see how “We are more alike than unalike.” (Maya Angelou)

Though my husband and I strongly disagree on this subject, we agree on most other things.

Because I really don’t want to give energy or manifesting power to my fears about Donald Trump. Instead, I choose to visualise, recognise like Martin Luther King Jr. did a new reality.
I have a dream recognise and know your power to create change by your every day actions in the world.

How can you better race or religious relations today? How about sharing a smile or a kindness?

I have a dream that you will be unthwarted by the human limits of mass consciosness and do your best to remain conscious and present to the possibilities in the moment.
Imagine what a more united government and society could be like!

I have a dream that you choose your soul’s desires over your human desires, that you get you are bigger and more connected then you know now.

You are One With All That Is, with the manifesting power to create miracles.

Martin Luther King Jr.
“Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.”

With this faith and knowledge you can begin to,
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Much love and peace,



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