The Law of Attraction and The Election



The Law of Attraction and The Election

If you are still feeling the affects of the election, you are not alone.

My clients have been coming in feeling ungrounded and upset.

Fears and tensions are running high.

In upsetting moments, I turn to what I know in my heart, gut and experience to be true:

-Upset is Access if you are willing to see all the possibilities for growth in a new situation. I know, it’s tough to see this sometimes.


-The Law of Attraction works and is based on feelings, so what you feel you attract.

Abraham Hicks, one of the first to speak about the Law of Attraction, discusses how it relates to the latest election in the recording below.

This is A MUST Listen!!!!

Empowering and mood shifting, as well as being energetically proactive!

It’s just 10 minutes.

After listening to this, being kind to the stressed lady that cut in front of me, calmed her down and filled me with love and hope.

What Abraham Hicks speaks about is an empowering way to move forward.

And, the short video below addresses the physical imbalance I have been witnessing in many of my clients. It can help you calm yourself and feel more grounded. I highly recommend you do this now and before bed to help you have a more restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.


The world needs you to be at your best right now. You can make a difference in just how you show up.

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