A Powerful Review and Inspiring Dinner Conversation!


A Powerful Review and Inspiring Dinner Conversation!

Before you go making resolutions 2016, take a few minutes to answer the questions below.

This can spark a really fun New Year’s Eve conversation.

This is a fun way to remember and review all that happened in 2015 with the people you love and to acknowledge just how much you all have grown!

This list of questions is from the Founder of Women on Fire, Debbie Phillips, that she developed with her husband Rob Berkley for their coaching clients. Both of them are amazing executive coaches from whom I have learned a lot!

Review of 2015

  1. What was remarkable about the year?
  2. Who came into your life this year? Who left?
  3. What were your best accomplishments/achievements?
  4. Favorite times/moments?
  5. Biggest disappointment?
  6. What was the single most significant event of the year?
  7. How do you want next year to be different?

I will also be sending some tips on how to Harness The Law of Attraction while crafting your goals, but in the meantime, have some fun answering these questions with your pals tonight!

If you have decided to stay in and have a rejuvenating night with yourself, answer them on your own, and maybe share them with a friend tomorrow.

Your answers might surprise you!

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  • Release any fears or resistance to taking actions to support your vision becoming reality.

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Much love and joy in 2016!


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