The Benefit of Suffering



The Benefit of Suffering

You wouldn’t change anything or grow if you were happy with how things are.

Adversity fosters growth.

I don’t know about you, but one of the greatest satisfactions I can have is knowing I overcame a difficult problem.

It’s satisfying to realize that you are now equipped to handle situations that were once stressful, with greater ease.

That ease comes from having done it before, and often, the more difficult the situation, the greater confidence you will gain from overcoming it.

My accountant shared a surprising observation with me recently. He’s 90 years old, a multimillionaire and always filled with sage-like advice.

“When business owners are asked their most significant business accomplishments to date, they usually list their most difficult achievements first and rate them as being more important. The successes that comes easier, has a tendency to be ranked lower in consequence.”

-Stanley Howard Diamond

As I explained last week, we are currently experiencing the environmental transition from winter into spring, so it’s natural to feel edgy and/or overwhelmed right now. As the added sunlight stimulates the cells, which motivate growth in nature, you may get the itch to make a change in your life or grow. This may show up in the form of frustration or anger about how something isn’t working right now.

So, if this is resonating with you right now, you are in synch with the seasonal shift that is occurring, and you are being presented with an opportunity to change something for the better in your life.

The short and easy exercise in the exercise below, helps you calm down, so you can think more clearly, and give yourself the head space to plan.

This season is the ideal time to plant seeds for a future harvest, to look ahead, make new plans, formulate new ideas, make decisions, and determine your direction for the upcoming year and ultimately, to take action!

As you know, I have been working hard to get my Vision Board Online Class ready for you. Previously, this workshop was only available LIVE in my studio. For the first time ever, I’m offering my exclusive Vision Board workshop as an online program! However, since I’ve had so many people asking me to do this online, I created an online course you could do anywhere and at your convenience!

This class has been a game changer for the people in my Believe Boot Camp and in the LIVE Jan Workshop, and so many of them have already manifested things on their boards! This takes Vision Board-ing to a whole new level, so don’t miss out—find out more about it now!


The class really helped me get excited about my dreams and goals, and gave me a format to put them all down on a board I can feel into every day. Lara helped me structure little action steps to complete every day that are totally doable. She just knows what you need to do and when/how you should do it. She is an angel. Highly recommend!
– M.C.C., Attorney, New York


It’s the perfect time to plant your garden!

It would be my honor and pleasure to help you bring your vision board to life, and to inspire you to take action on it!

Since you have been waiting so lone, I am giving you a sweet introductory price that won’t last long, so check out my Online Vision Board Class; your dreams await!

Much love and and success,



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