Why you might feel irritated or overwhelmed of late…


Why you might feel irritated or overwhelmed of late…

Happy Spring! After such a long, cold winter, it’s exciting to see that the days are getting longer and sunnier!

Even with these positive environmental changes, don’t be surprised if you are feeling more frustrated, overwhelmed, irritable or angry. Many of my clients have come in complaining about feeling this way, and I have found similar energetic imbalances in their bodies.

The added sunlight helps stimulate the growth of buds, which will grow into leaves on the trees. As the sun stimulates the cells, which motivate growth in nature, you too may feel stimulated to create or do something new. You may get an extra surge of energy or an itch to make something happen in your life. This is the season to plant seeds for a future harvest, to look ahead, make new plans, formulate new ideas, make decisions, and determine your direction for the coming year and ultimately, to take action.

With this extra energy, you may be feeling a little edgy or pressured to make things happen. After you plant your seeds and make your plans, if results aren’t coming quickly, you can get frustrated and feel thwarted. You may try harder, putting more effort toward your goal in hopes of making something happen faster, just because it’s tough to wait for those seeds to grow.

This Springtime energy can be overwhelming if un-managed.

Our modern day society demands immediate results. But even fast growth doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s important to be realistic, and to…

  • Calm yourself down when you are feeling overwhelmed
  • Nurture your vision of what is possible, so you stay inspired
  • Have faith the steps you are taking are enough to achieve your goal

The same way it feels good to have a glass of wine with dinner, it can feel good to…

  • Relax your body, and allow yourself to exhale with the 3 minute protocol below that you can do at your desk or on public transportation
  • Keep your vision and goals at the front of your mind and take actions steps that really satisfy you as you do them. I have finally finished my online Vision Board Class, which can help you create an authentic vision and an inspiring plan to achieve it.
  • Replenish your faith in yourself and your abilities. Guy Finley’s new book is a wonderful inspiring read I highly recommend.

The above resources have helped both me and my clients to keep calm and to stay inspired, as we wait for the seeds we have planted to begin to grow and to take shape.

This plentiful Spring energy can be incredibly fruitful, as we manage it.

Much peace and inspiration,


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