A Fun and Easy Way to Stick to Your Resolutions!



A Fun and Easy Way to Stick to Your Resolutions!

Three of my clients have already been stressing about their New Year’s Resolutions and worrying about whether or not they are going to be able to achieve their goals this year.

So if you are feeling any anxiety about your resolutions,
#1- You are not alone.
#2- You are having a totally natural reaction to potential change.

Setting goals threatens our status quo, and most often sets off a stress response in our bodies, then anxiety and doubt creep in, and we are quickly sabotaging our resolutions.

The good news is, we can calm that stress response and quell our fears by doing a very simple stress relief exercise. Then, simply thinking about what small, enjoyable action steps we can take to feel great AND get closer to our goal will help further diminish fear and keep us in action!

Here’s a great example-
Many of us have 2015 resolutions to lose some weight, which includes working out and eating healthier.

Say we want to lose 15-20lbs. As I think about this, I feel anxiety rise in me already, and I start thinking,

“How will I have the time? Its going to take forever!”

Everything takes time, and the only way we are going to stay in action is if we focus on how good we actually feel doing the things which are going to get us that end result, and to trust that each action we take is helping us get closer to our goal.

cross postureSitting in the crossed posture, which calms the central nervous system, as you think the phrase below can help when those resistant emotions or beliefs come up.

“It feels good to take little steps, which I know are getting me closer to my goal.”

Then, think about the action steps you can take that feel fun and good to you!

We aren’t going to do anything long term, which feels like drudgery, so what forms of exercise do you really enjoy? What do you really feel good doing? Are there any classes you LOVE?

I LOVE being out in the park and running with my dog. It makes me feel free and happy to be outside.
I also LOVE working out with my new workout partner at the studio; we have been listening to awesome music and getting in great workouts in a half hour! It makes me feel energized, powerful and super efficient!

So, what workout can you do to make you feel great?

What healthy foods do you really enjoy eating? I have been looking forward to my green smoothy in the morning, as I have found some amazing recipes at SimpleGreenSmoothies.com which are so yummy, I crave them, and I have been feeling really energized after drinking them! I also LOVE and look forward to some of my near by, healthy lunch choices. Fresh and Co’s Quinoa Bowl, which I get with their hormone free chicken, brussell sprouts, green onion and cilantro with olive oil and lemon juice is really delicious! With food, I start thinking about what fabulous healthy meal I can eat next and where I am going to get it directly after I finish the meal I just ate. If I don’t plan, and I wait till I am hungry, I may make a choice which would be less satisfying then the one I plan. Again, I really suggest thinking about what healthy foods you find super satisfying; what lunches make you feel great?

If there are things on your goal action list which you really don’t like doing, can you ask a friend who IS really good at it for help? Or, can you hire someone to do it? In this case, think about how good you will feel after you have it done!

So to re-cap:

  1. Know anxiety about resolutions is natural, and get into the crossed posture, and repeat the phrase above if you feel resolution challenged at the moment.
  2. Think about what action steps you can take that will make you feel really awesome. Why wouldn’t you want to make time to do something that makes you feel good?
  3. If it just is something you really don’t like doing, get someone to help you do it, and imagine how you will feel when it is done!

Approaching our goals this way, we have a realistic chance of making them happen!

So, be a NIKE, and get to having some fun making your dreams come true!

Little by little, it can be fun AND easy!

Much love and success!


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“You have to be a vibrational match to your own desire, or, in this vibrationally based Universe, you’re not letting it in.” -Abraham Hicks

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