Thanksgiving was ruined!


Thanksgiving Ruined

Thanksgiving was ruined!

Not really; I actually had a lovely holiday, but I LOVE this quote.

I had a friend who used to say, “Christmas is ruined!” when something went wrong. It was a brilliant way to make people laugh, immediately add perspective and diffuse a tense situation when the people around her were upset or aggravated. Thanks Sonia!

I highly suggest busting this phrase out this holiday season when anything goes wrong, as it pretty much guarantees a laugh or at least a smile if you say it with the right intonation.

Most people have experienced a holiday which was less than stellar for whatever reason. Maybe, the pie you baked didn’t turn out so well; maybe the kids got sick; maybe the gift you were psyched to give wasn’t the hit you expected it would be; maybe you just felt lonely. Whatever happened, your upset was most likely intensified by an expectation, which could have been influenced by a commercial, TV show or movie, AKA fantasy.

The holiday scenes on TV, especially in commercials, are amazing! Sometimes life isn’t quite so grand. We are human, accidents happen, family disagreements occur and even the most evolved of us can revert to childhood behavioral patterns with our parents.

The part of our brain which handles subconscious thoughts is fully formed by the age of 6, so many of our default subconscious beliefs were created by a 6 year old or younger. The way we viewed our world was based on how we interpreted what was happening at the time. If mom and dad were arguing about money, you may have incorporated the belief that, “There will never be enough.” This is a pretty common belief and there are many others, which affect the way we interact in our world today. No one had a perfect childhood, so we all have some negative subconscious beliefs.

This week’s theme of the #MagicNow Challenge is “Letting go.”

And, I have taped Emotional Freedom Tapping videos to help you let go of a variety of the most common, negative beliefs.

They are pretty good, as my videographer was in a pretty foul mood at the start of our taping session, and she left with a smile from just filming these, LOL!

Check them out at on the Magic Now Challenge page — THEY ARE FREE!

If you haven’t signed up for the challenge and would like to participate, Register here now to get the daily emails. Plus, I am doing a drawing at the end for a free session with me. You have to be on the Magic Now list to be entered. And if you participate on social media using the hastag #magicnow, you will get an extra entry for every post.

Much love,

And, a quick PS-
I will be speaking at a really cool event called Connectorcon this Sat. It’s a conference for thought leaders, innovators, educators, and catalysts who are interested in connecting and relationship building. Michael Roddrick, its founder, is a master connector who is passionate about teaching others this important skill. I can’t wait to see who’s there! Michael always assembles an eclectic and interesting group of people! Visit Connectorcon for more info!


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