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Welcome to Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Dina Manzo’s After-Party!

Check out Dina’s Behind-the-Scenes Secrets Revealed with Her Experts Terri Cole And Lara Riggio

Terri Dina LaraI hope you will join us every week after the Real Housewives of New Jersey as Dina and her dream team break down the episode, share insights and give you FREE GIFTS!

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Week 14

Double Standards
This week we see assertiveness come to the forefront; and in the After Party we discuss how you can be assertive without gaining a negative reputation. What it boils down to is: listen to your instincts, trust in yourself and don’t worry about pleasing others. Do this cross posture exercise to set boundaries with love and acceptance.

Week 14 Gift
Cross your arms and legs in this cross-posture position and repeat these phrases until you feel them clear or you yawn (about 30sec-3min each):

cross posture

  • I love and accept all that I am.
  • I trust myself and my instincts.
  • I am proud of my results and deserve my rewards.


This week Terri has a quiz to help you identify if you have The Disease to Please.

Week 13

It’s time to make peace.
This week’s RHONJ is about the dynamics around apologizing. When we are angry, frustrated, upset, we do not have a clear head and are not a good place to make decisions. My tips this week are to release negative emotions before deciding what action to take by doing my tapping for stubborn stress video below.

Week 13 Gift

This week Terri has a blog for you about Easy-breezy Fear-clearing Exercise.

Week 12

Don’t Be the Victim
This week is all about being the victim, and falling into that role and pattern over and over. When you play the victim you are at the mercy of someone else – you are giving away your control. Terri and I discuss how to turn the tables on that feeling and take back your personal power.

Week 12 Gift

This week Terri has a blog for you about Not Playing the Blame Game.

Week 11

Protect Yourself from Negative Energy
In this week’s episode of Real Housewives, we see how someone energetically sensitive like Dina can be affected by other people’s energy. I’m giving you 2 super fast and easy exercises to help you protect yourself from negative energy, so you are less affected by stressful situations. When you use these exercises, it’s much easier to set clear boundaries and to “keep calm and carry on” when you are in a stressful environment.

If only Dina had done these before the Florida weekend!!!!!!!

Week 11 Gift

Read more about Protecting Yourself From Negative Energy.

This week Terri has a video blog for you about Setting Healthy Boundaries.

Week 10

Guilt is never in alignment with what you want.
In this week’s episode of RHONJ, Dina is put into a tough spot. It’s really difficult to make a choice about what to do when either choice could have a negative impact on others. When this happens, guilt often immobilizes us, makes us feel physically and emotionally uncomfortable and prohibits us from knowing what we really want in to do. Guilt is never in alignment with what we want.

Week 10 Gift

Read more on my blog dedicated to guilt.

This week Terri has a free 5-minute grounding meditation for you.

Week 9

Got Faith?
In this week’s episode of Real Housewives of NJ, my friend and client Dina Manzo is forced to deal with the loss of Luke, as he moves back to Ireland. Also this week, in real time, Lexi moved into her college dorm, which is another significant life change for her mother, Dina. Both situations are a great example of how change often brings loss and requires faith to help us adapt to our new situations.

Week 9 Gift
I’ve dedicated this week’s blog to the topic of having faith when experiencing change and loss. Visit my Got Faith blog and this great exercise to help you tap into faith during times of change and loss

See how adaptable you are with Terri’s Change and Adaptability Blueprint and sign up for her FREE CALL: Flip the Script on FEAR & Become Unstoppable on Tuesday September 16th at 8pm EST.

Week 8

Don’t Get Mad When I Pull a You on You!
This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of NJ is filled with drama, and it sparked a great conversation about what is REALLY happening when someone pisses us off, LOL! Check out our after party chat below.

Week 8 Gift
It’s OK to Feel Frustrated, Pissed and Mad; these emotions are a sign that something isn’t working for us. Any upset is access to making ourselves happier, if we are willing to look at just why this situation has got us so upset. As Dina, Terri and I discuss in this video, these upsets are usually pointing out something we dislike about some aspect of ourselves, and Terri has an amazing NOW is NOT Then Blueprint for helping you figure out just what that could be.

When you find yourself pointing a finger at someone else, look at the three pointing back at yourself. Break free from the Blame Game with the help of this week’s blog dedicated to the topic.

Week 7

How to Keep Calm and Stay True
On this week’s episode of RHONJ, Dina was processing why she hasn’t been ready to move forward with her divorce. We discussed Dina’s blocks, and Terri talked about the blueprints for love which we all posses, which are from our past experiences with our families, and how our moms and dads interacted with each other. And, I shared my story and how my past kept me stuck for years prior to clearing my fears with energy work.

Week 7 After Party

Week 7 Gift

Top 7 Affirming phrases to foster and support LOVE

  • It’s easy to receive love and appreciation.
  • I love and accept myself exactly as I am right now.
  • I can be loving and accepting of everyone.
  • I am very creative and responsible with money, saving it, earning it and spending it with style.
  • I can easily set boundaries with my family and friends.
  • Everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge awareness and understanding they have at the moment.
  • I have more then enough love to give.

Read my full blog on how to Conquer Your Blocks to Love

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Week 6

How to Keep Calm and Stay True
On this week’s episode of RHONJ we see Dina making a vision board to help manifest her dreams into reality. Dina, Terri and I decided to gift you tools this week to help make your own dreams come true.

Making your vision board sets your intention and creates an opening for the dreams represented in your board to come true. Dina has great instructions on how to make a great vision board on her site, and Terri and I have two really quick and easy ways to help you actively harness the Law of Attraction to speed up this process!

Week 6 Gift
How to make a Vision Board and get it to work for you! I’ve written an entire vision board post for you detailing how to bring your vision to life.

Week 5

How to Keep Calm and Stay True
In this week’s episode we deal with betrayal, as it is a theme which comes up quite dramatically in the RH episode, LOL!

Dina, Terri and I discuss how best to handle being hurt by someone you love. It’s way easier to handle situations like these when you release any anger, frustration or hurt you are feeling first (See the first video for an awesome exercise which helps you do this in minutes!)

After releasing your upset, you can think about what you really want. What choices or actions could you make in even a difficult situation, which support your values and what you want to express to the world? (See the 2nd video to get you in touch with your values and your power)

Week 5 After Party

Week 5 Gift
#1 Tame Your Intense Stress Response in under 3 minutes!
This exercise sedates the Triple Warmer Meridian, which elicits a Sympathetic or Fight or Flight Response. Tell your body there is no danger, no lions, tigers, or bears chasing you, and no one to fight, so you can relax and have a greater capacity to handle any stressful situation.

#2 “You are so LOVABLE”
This is a video I did for my class. I don’t think anyone hears these things enough, so enjoy, and take this all in! Everyone, here is this special video:

Visit terricole.com for Terri’s Free Gifts this Week:
Get your Self Love on with Terri’s Free guided meditation! Also learn how to check your own motives and keep your side of the street clean, with Terri’s Tune Up Tip on Karma.

Week 4

In this week’s Juicy After Party we break down:

  • Dina’s hesitancy to start dating.
  • When is the best time to have sex?
  • How to say “No” even if you are a people pleaser! Lara gives you her template for setting boundaries with ease below.
  • A video to help you step into your Feminine Power, to “Big Spender!” Do this video between 7-9am to energize you, and get you into your sexiest most vital self!
  • To find out if you have the disease to please and how to rid yourself of it for good.

Week 4 After Party

Week 4 Gift

Week 3

In this week’s After Party we dish about:

  • How Dina learned her food sensitivities were caused by stress, and an exercise to help alleviate chronic stress and another short exercise to boost energy, stimulate better digestion, and curb food cravings in under a minute! See the 2 videos below.
  • How to speak to your kids when they are disappointed☹
  • How to meditate on the go just TWO minutes! Go to Terri Cole’s After Party Page to download your two mini meditations; you can put in your phone or ipod, and use them when you are frustrated or angry throughout your day☺

Week 3 After Party

Week 3 Gifts
Tapping for Stubborn StressTapping to let go of Stubborn Stress- This tapping routine helps you release stressful emotions in minutes by stimulating key points in the Chinese Meridian System. Relief is your in minutes!

Spleen Flush to Alleviate Food Cravings
And, the second video will energize you and send energy to your Kidney and Spleen Meridians to help stimulate better digestion, which is great if you have food sensitivities or need help curbing nagging sugar cravings!
Takes under 1 minute!

And, let us know these make you feel via Facebook and Twitter!!

Much love and energy!

Goodies from Terri Cole, LCSW

Get 2 AMAZING meditations from Terri Cole. These short, easy to do, meditations are a great way to get Zen, when you are on the go and need it most!

Week 2

Check out my blog post on Dina’s Favorite exercise from Week 2.

Week 2 After Party

Week 2 Gift

Week 1

Week 1 After Party
Moving through stress and grief.


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